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  • oh what are you going to go off on the moral ramifications of shoving barbs into unborn babies in the womb now?
    Jesus, lol! I've always seen my friends Warhammer 40,000k models and what he paints them as, and I think he's got Terminators or something of the like. I just know that I get introduced to it through the RTS when it released, gosh, years ago. Judging by the way it sounds it terms of cost, it about ... sounds like what it costs to pay paintball regularly (though by that point you've got your own marker, your own mask, extra gear ... paint XD.) I'm going to look into this because I've also loved the environment of table top gaming. You wind up having to think very differently when dealing with a live person directly across from you. Also sounds like the experience is a lot like doing Dungeons and Dragons, though that's been years too.
    I know this might be a stupid question to ask, but by 40,000k, you're referring to table-top? I've always wanted to get into it, but how are the rules anyway? Is it something that you can sit down and gradually learn as you go?
    I've never seen that fan-film before. Thanks a whole lot for sharing!
    As for whether men harass women, there's a fuckton of articles and studies on it that say, yes men do contribute to rape culture with physical and verbal sexual harassment of women frequently.

    The likelihood of a woman raping a man exists but it's the rarest form of rape, the vast majority of rape is male on female. With Male on Male being the next most common. Again the study PROVES that you take the R word away and nearly half of all men will basically admit to being willing to rape or even to having done so simply because they don't think that manipulation and/or obtaining consent by dubious behaviour is rape. This isn't something that was made up, it's proven scientific fact.

    There is no corresponding evidence that if women stayed in the kitchen and kept their legs shut that the rape rate would fall. Ergo you are using a false analogy, but then you seem fond of that, trying to equate criticizing male created rape culture as being as bad rape culture and sexism against women.
    Protip: Not quite as a rape sanctuary by the vast majority of men would harass female bodied people or people they perceived as female in the bathroom if bath room were multigender. Most men have harassed a woman in public, they probably wouldn't think twice about doing so in the toilets.

    Check stuff out before you complain about the truth, it is in fact proven fact that if you don't use the word Rape while asking men if they would commit actions that are rape, a large percentage will not only be willing to do those actions but a large number of them would admit to having actually done it because they didn't consider what they were doing to be rape.

    One in three women will be raped in their lifetime, that's a lot of rapists.
    I'm not sure I fully remember saying something like that but you're probably right and it'd be lovely. I'm not sure what I'd like to discuss, though. >_>
    I don't know for sure yet. It's only happened twice but at very specific occasions and I'm trying to figure out what the connection is. I've been told it's normal or something and that I'll have to deal with it, which I really don't like. I was gonna hear some more from some piss expert.
    They were both pretty stupid, but you had to put up with that stuff to enjoy the game. :|
    Do you mean Medusa?
    The flying jellyfish that would slap you out of its sky-maze, just so you could climb all the way back up to it?
    Or the actual octopus that would slap you in the face at the end of some level?
    Either way, SO MUCH ANGER.
    A fellow Ecco fan?
    For that sir, you are amazing.

    And you have no idea how much I hated that level.
    I just realized everything in my profile and signature is a music reference and I didn't intend it. Whoah.

    Also, thanks. Didn't know you cared. <3
    Honestly! I nearly always get the same response. I can't exactly badmouth tactics advanced because I never played it myself, but it is irritating that it seems to be so much more well known. FFT just feels so overlooked. It sucked me in like no other game, though I was fairly little when I first played it.
    I planned on just having Belias or Hashmal as my avatars and all that really. For the life of me I couldn't find a single good picture of any of the Lucavi.
    Only sprites :I

    The only fair picture of Wiegraf I could find was this one of him as the Corpse Brigade leader. :c
    He's in his human form while still being possessed by Belias at Riovanes as a Knight Templar but I just got stuck with this.
    Yes, I have little hope that I'll convince Rukh of anything. I just wanted to rebut certain claims he made, and I wasn't sure anyone else would bother. Presumably his arguments will become progressively more meaningless and bizarre until they practically ignore themselves.
    HOLY EMPEROR IT'S BEEN MONTHS WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM ... nah, kidding. Haven't heard from you in a while though. It's funny actually, just a week after I asked you that, I found a random video on youtube that showed all the stuff in your signature so that rendered your explanation somewhat redundant :V

    I actually should have known those ones, since I played through Dawn of War 1, Dark Crusade and Dawn of War 2. I have a shitty memory I guess.
    You're gonna have to tell me where your signature pic comes from and what it represents you depraved heretic. It has aroused my curiosity.
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