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  • Hey there, it's Fossa, from Pheonixed, in my main Skunk fursona! Just thought I'd say hi. I started to post here again sometimes, because it was so slow over there, and nobody new seems to be joining...and I'm prone to getting lonely! Hope things are going well for you.
    Man, I wish I could help you there. I'd hate to rummage through NSFW roleplay sites searching for a clean one, too. o__o'
    Unfortunately it's not something I've ever looked into! I hope you can find one, though! D8
    I actually just got back last night xD It was great, though! Lake Powell is always the best! *v*
    Oh hey.
    Tell you what, if you wanna add me on Skype or Steam or anything, just follow the links on my profile. You seem like a cool guy. :)
    Oh awesome! Best of luck with the new school, I hope it's as fantastic as Sam said! I'm in Lake Powell now so if I'm quiet this week it's because I have no internet connection. xD
    Ah alright, that makes sense! xD Really though :'I Once my brother tricked me into going down a Black Diamond run when I still wasn't very good at skiing. It was too steep to walk back up so I went 'screw it', took off my skis, and scooted all the way down. x'D A few people even stopped on their way down and said "I don't blame you, kid." It was really a scary run. I can actually do most Black Diamond runs without too much trouble now, but I choose not to. They aren't very fun. I had a good weekend, I'll actually be going to Lake Powell really soon! How was yours?
    Do all of your birthdays involve snow? XD Ha, no shame in falling! It happens to the best of us. I like the intermediate hills best, Black Diamond runs tend to scare me. I like skiing because I find it relaxing, but some Black Diamonds just turn it into a near death experience! D8
    That really does sound like the best 16th birthday ever! ;v; I love snow, we get a lot of it here in the winter, and skiing is SO MUCH FUN.
    Yep, that's the worst. XD Lake Powell is amazing, probably one of my favorite places on earth. We've been going there once a year since I was 4. ;v; We actually got really lucky when we were in Alaska apparently! The locals told us that summer there usually meant constant rain and cold, but it never rained once when we were there. It was a little cold, but I quite liked it. And the everything there was just so foresty and beautiful! Don't let the 'national bird' title fool you, bald eagles are dorks. XD
    Oh gosh, poor guy. Getting flipped over sucks. XD Especially if you're using a hollow kayak. We own kayaks so I do it pretty often. We also take them to Lake Powell once a year which is really cool! *v* Once we rented some kayaks in Alaska and we saw an eagle drag a a fish to shore and a seal kept sticking it's head out of the water to watch us, adorable little guy. It's definitely relaxing. ^^
    Same here :p though I imagine there are more just lurking out somewhere on here, I'd be surprised if there weren't more
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