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  1. Aurorasuicune

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for latex/rubber artwork

    Theme: Latex/rubber Transformation Encasement SFW, with slight mature themes Currently looking for single artwork of my character happily transformed/encased into a Rubber/glossy Lioness Character: https://sta.sh/0276ak4sjma3 https://sta.sh/0hi8dh4q7ph Kinda very similar to this...
  2. Aurorasuicune

    Free Art: Arctic Rush Giveaway Raffle

    Hi everyone, I'm currently hosting a giveaway raffle on FA for anyone who might be interested You can enter here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39680434/ Feel free to join for a chance to win~
  3. Aurorasuicune

    Hello everyone~

    I figured l should introduce myself here. My name is James (aka Aurorasuicune on FA) I'm kind of new to forums, however, I've been on FA since 2014. I'm currently a college student. I'm mostly a chill soul who loves video games, anime, comics, music, and more. I'm not an artist, though I do...