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Austin Silver

Hello, my name is Austin. I like to consider myself a moderately interesting (moderately sane) guy. I enjoy the very broad world of art, and have worked with many different mediums. They say the best artists are the crazy ones XP (or so I hope, I'd hate to be alone...) I'm pretty much an open book. There are a handful of things that I will not talk about, but don't shy away from asking me anything. The worst that could happen would be for me to go psycho and tear out your throat :)
I am socially awkward and my memory is about a short as my self esteem. I enjoy a very flamboyant (nonexistent) social life fueled by many (fleeting) relationships with various people. My friendly affection is generally not returned, but that's...that's...okay...it's all okay...
People often tell me that I don't see straight, which I find funny. Why in the scientific world would light bend just for my eyes?
I first became interested in the fandom in a way that you probably don't care about, so I'll skip over that part of this autobiography. I consider my interest in anthropomorphic animals to be a part of my very (very) private life. If you call me out as a furry in the streets, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya. So let’s be friends!!!!
I wasted ten years of my life learning to play an instrument. I've wasted far longer by being an artist. I wish to become a better artist though! (Realistically I don't stand a chance, but I have a right to hopes and dreams.) I like to try making friends. If you don't wanna be my friend, than fine! I didn't want you in my life anyway...I'll just go cry alone in a corner...alone...
I'm hopelessly incompetent at most things, and painfully aware of my own life deficiencies.

When the crushing weight of reality falls down from the heavens and alights itself on my back, you can find me lying in a ditch.
Otherwise, I'm probably lying in a ditch.
Please don't throw anything in that ditch...(unless it's spare change or food)
So please, enjoy my talentless garbage.
Until next time!
Cheers, (I'm not British)
- Austin T. Silver

oh, and one more thing, I don't bite...much ;)
February 1
A ditch
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A dead fucking Wolff
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