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  • Oh. There is bound to be some kind of job around some were.
    What, a little scooter, come on now why not something bigger, and funner?
    I'm looking for any work, lately.
    I dunno, I don't know much about motorcycles actually... I have always wanted a scooter, though, just for boppin' around town.
    You could always do some side work. It's actually easy to make a few extra hundred a week. I'll have to tell you how it was after I go.
    Eny particular kind of bike? Enduro, cruiser, crotch rocket, scooter. I'm curious haha.
    Well, it's old classic rock, but it's rock :)
    I've just been getting ready for Megaplex. First con. And I'm going by myself so this ought to be interesting. Can't wait. Other than that, I got me a new-to-me enduro. It's actually a full on motocross bike with a tag. The cops are going to love me haha!
    Wow that sounds like some walking haha. What no rock or country? Come on now. But I mean hay, at least your not one of those talk only shows with that weird intro before the talking begins if you know what I mean.
    Were you the guy that drives the golf cart all over? How would even beginto cover something like that. Is it like a talk show radio station? And they need to come up with something better than tents haha.
    Wow talk about a delay from hell haha!

    But naw I've been good, having fun, making friends, same old same old. So what you been up to?
    Man made global warming... yea I can say I contribute to it.. a lot.
    And wich counrty? I have a feeling its probably the U.S.A. Also, with the tech toys, people are only going to pay atention to things that are new, fun, and cheap. And some thing that the main stream public likes. Some of the best things ever made are not going to get further advanced because the public as a whole dose not see it as worth while. Even though it is.
    If by that you mean do I believe in man-made global warming and its effects, than yes. However, I do have other concerns; for example, how a country with one of the highest standards of living can have some of the highest rates of clinical depression, and how technologies which promise make our lives more pleasant are ignored, while throw-away tech-toys are given center stage...
    I could go on and on, really.
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