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    [FA United 6] Free room for 1-2 at Hanover Marriott

    Hey I'm sorry for not answering your PMs sooner, I was planning to wait until the end of the month to choose someone. This thread didnt get a bunch of replys like I expected it to so I'm closing it early and choosing you. Check your PMs :)
  2. AviFox

    fursuiting at a non furry con?

    I have always wanted to do this!! It's actually the #1 reason I decided to commission a fursuit (and lucky for me my suit is supposed to be done in January, so I'll have it for part of ski season =] )
  3. AviFox

    [FA United 6] Free room for 1-2 at Hanover Marriott

    I've chosen someone. This thread can be closed/deleted.
  4. AviFox

    If crime was legal

    I'd get a bullet-proof, fire-proof, water-proof, chemical-proof, indestructible fursuit made of my fursona & then I'd walk around murring at ppl & protecting other furries :3
  5. AviFox

    (sober) 21st Bday Ideas

    ... I *really* wanted to go sky diving. I begged pretty much everyone I know and no one would go with me >< (I even offered to pay for it)
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    (sober) 21st Bday Ideas

    Thanks for all of the ideas guys! For everyone saying there's no point in celebrating 21 if I'm not going to drink, this is actually a very special birthday for me. It'll be my first sober birthday since I was 13. Also my past several bdays have been absolutely horrible, so I'm trying to make...
  7. AviFox

    (sober) 21st Bday Ideas

    I need some ideas of what to do for my 21st bday! My bday is less than a month away (July 2nd). I really want it to be a special day, but I have no idea what to do. Unlike most people, I don't drink and have no intention of drinking on my 21st bday. Who has some awesome ideas for me? :)
  8. AviFox

    What would you do?

    I'd snuggle him and then have fun together all day :3
  9. AviFox

    Doing Free Art!

    I would love to have you draw my fursona :) You have complete artistic freedom to do whatever you want. Keep in mind he is very happy/playful ;) Ref sheet: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10155517/
  10. AviFox

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    My real name is Avi & my fursona is a fox so I put them together. At first I thought it was rly uncreative but then I realized Avi is a pretty uncommon name & I like the way AviFox sounds lol
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    do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

    I don't wear a collar. I don't like the feeling of things around my neck. My fursona is a fox - foxes don't wear collars.
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    FA United 6 - when to buy rooms?

    Hmm... google maps says it's a 1hr10min drive. That's a bit longer than I'd like, but it may be worth it. Idk. How late do events typically run (and how early do they start) at this con? I've never been
  13. AviFox

    Where to buy Giant Stuffed Animals

  14. AviFox

    FA United 6 - when to buy rooms?

    Registration for FA United 6 is open :) I'm looking into getting a room at the Marriott where the convention is held. When do the rooms start filling up? The con is 180 days away.... I really don't want to get shut out though. Would it be reasonable to assume there will still be rooms available...