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    FAWN!!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! And sorry I haven't talked to you recently, I've been working a lot.
    Mixing is another art, just takes time, I've learnt so much this year and still am. You need a good set of speakers or headphones to properly train your ears.
    I know what you mean, I do that a lot with guitar, play slap melodies like John Mayer, look up Andy McKee, his fingerstyle guitar is amazing.
    I'm sure you could with more time, any instrument is possible with enough time and patience, it took me a while to get basics of drums down, melodic instruments are easier to get into than percussive.
    That's cool, I can read music but I rarely need to, I'm getting less musical and more technical lately. Mixing is fun, but it's a lot of work to get things right, trying to master a song right now so it's Album quality and it's too early.. I just want to go back to sleep haha.
    Woah, I wish I had access to that much equipment!
    I've played guitar half my life, I sing, play a bir of bass, keys and basic drums and odd things like jembe and harmonica. I'm trying to learn production and mixing more than anything lately. C:
    I can read and repeat tab, For drums guitar and bass. I just prefer lazy internet tabs, where it pinpoints frets. Much easier. I'm bad at improv though, so that explains moving away from creative use of tabs and scale :(
    I like music theory, but writing music sheets is my downfall. I am untidy at the best of times, and the precision required defeats me. If I gotta tab something, I do it lazily with guitar pro/notepad. That is, if I don't do the proper musician thing and decide to only keep a riff if I remember it :p
    Yeah, I have a BTEC in music theory/practice, but that just involved remembering which order notes go in and transposing, wasn't exactly difficult :L

    I tend to listen to a lot of the style of music I write in, which way the effect of either goes i'm uncertain though.
    I'm very rock and metal, generally everything I listen to is in that area. Though I will appreciate some electro music, depending how catchy it is. I'm a little blind music wise, I like a lot of variety in one area ^.^. It goes between Post-Hardcore (Escape The fate), heavy metal (Metallica), and southern rock (Nickelback), so I'll go with....some variety :L
    Llejay? He plays the older stuff perfectly, and IMO he did exactly what they needed on the new album - A heavy, solid beat. Stuff like Hail didn't need complicated fills, and he did his part well. I'd like to see him opened up a bit more, really, but I was pretty happy with what he bought for the new stuff.
    He is fantastic, but I understood their reasoning. It would have forever been Avenged with Mike Portnoy.
    But....the self titled has Almost Easy, and that is the second best thing on this planet D:

    (Nightmare was fantastic though, you ain't wrong :p)
    Avenged are the best band, so shame would of indeed been felt. Fantastic album also, it took me a lil bit to completely warm up to it, but now it blows my mind.
    I have to talk to Director of Student Success to do it. Only reason I say I might is that he knows Dave Matthews and I know Darius Rucker and we can both get both of them to do us a favor and play a concert here in Cuthbert. It would be a benefit concert that would go to the school or the town and it would really help the community. That's my take on it. I have been trying to talk the business of this concert with him for a while and we just need to find out if and when we can do the concert like we want to plan it to be.
    I might get to open for Dave Matthews and Darius Rucker!!! :D
    Hey, it's no biggy. I have the same struggle. That, and halfway through your typical question, I went all gutter-brained. Yeah, Brian, way to set an example! XD
    Awesome. I'll send a contact request before I hit the rack, which won't be long now. I have finals tomorrow. And I'm sure the pic is fine. :)
    What can I say? I'm an old-fashioned guy.
    Sure. :) I spend more time on Skype than FAF anyway.
    Oh, and I kinda do mind it, since you did "we follow Jesus", but it's more a flee the appearance of evil thing to me, since "cussing" is only a context and not a list of words. The way you used it isn't bad at all, but it can look that way. That's just my advice, but now I'm rambling. lol
    Eh, I can find fun in any social situation. I'm just not a party goer, I suppose. lol
    I'm 20. I'd ask you, but it's impolite to ask a lady her age. :)
    Good to hear.
    If I could go back in time and stop myself from doing online classes, I probably would have gone to the University of Alabama at Huntsville instead of where I am now. Not sure, though.
    I did a few parties in high school. They were plenty for me. I prefer just having a few friend over to chill out for a little while. But I'm most in my element in a one-on-one situation.
    yeah, I can imagine that would get really annoying, for obvious reasons.
    That's both the perk and drawback of being an online student, I think. I don't have to put up with drunks, druggies, and all-night partiers, but I don't get to hang out with as many people.
    I can see how something like a tail would get in the way. My big fear would be getting it stuck in a door or something.
    I can understand that. I've been there way too much too; get something I really want, and end up not getting my money's worth out of it. It got frustrating really fast, so I'm a lot more cautious.
    Thanks. I'll be sure to keep that in mind.
    That's quite the collection you've got. I get the feeling you wear them rather often. :)
    Don't know if I'd go full fursuit either. On one hand, I'd like to have one. On the other, I don't think I'd wear it enough for it to be worth the investment.
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