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  • Well, you know I like me a fox. XD (Really, a fox would have been my second choice for a fursona.)
    I'm a computer guy, so if you ever need a hand, feel free to drop me a line.
    I've noticed you getting "spiced up", and I've loved all of your posts as a result.
    hmm... They haven't started charging. You may just need to kick the application out of your computer and reinstall. Maybe a glitch in the program mangled or misplaced a file or something.
    Yeah, I saw the one from Icen. They're intimidated. haha

    Actually, that thread got rather sporadic posts until today. It sorta fizzled out for a while.
    Always great to get that from a fellow fur. Dangit! If this were Skype, I'd bust out the "thumbs up" icon. XD
    I've noticed that. :) I've enjoyed it too. Have you noticed the questions have gotten more personal, in some ways?
    Nice. My range is similar on the bass cleff, but I stick to bass or low baritone.

    I go to a Baptist church, but I don't cling to denominations. I like what Mark Lowry says, "I'm just a follower of Jesus." :) What about you?
    Yeah, that actually makes perfect sense. Thanks for the tip. My church is really the only place I get to do any music, but every musician I know is either a music major or obsessive hobbyist. lol
    I'm very impressed. I gotta say. That many instruments is way more than I have the time for as of now.
    Just a random curiosity, but what's your vocal range?
    Sure, why not. XD Nice variety out of just those three, though. I wish I could understand theory. I just use trial and error or play what the guitarists I play with write. lol
    That's awesome. :) I dabble in music a bit: play the bass guitar and sing. I've written a song too. Not in college for it though.
    So, what instruments are your favorites?
    Yeah, I can understand that. Not much of an artist myself, though. My awful vision and shaky hands make it next to impossible. :(
    I've run out of sources of inspiration, and I still have three books (at least) to go before my series is over. It actually worries me sometimes.
    I'm the same way, so I get where you coming from. You can find inspiration on the web, but it only goes so far (that is to say, not very).
    Agreed. I'd at the very least like to be somewhere where the nearest theaters and steakhouses are less than 45 minutes away. Escapism in my writing is great, but I'd like some real-world excitement and regular human contact with more than the same eight people.
    Same here. It may be because I've been around dogs my whole life.
    I'm from Chilton County, Alabama. Lived here my whole life, and I look forward to leaving. lol Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but there's nothing here for me... or anyone. XD
    That sounds really cool. :)
    I've always gravitated toward wolves. Something about their nature. I went with the specific species because I find them to be beautiful, majestic creatures and, I guess, because I like colder climates.
    Hello. ^^
    Thanks. :) Not really. I don't remember anything about Balto actually. I just took my favorite animal, gave it my tastes and personality, and well, there he is. haha
    What about your sona/species? What made you decide on a fox?
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