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    How Do You Feel About Adopts?

    Generally enforcing rules is more or less giving a poke on someone's shoulder to remind them abt the rules if they see them breaking it, but if they continue to do so/tell you off, you blacklist them. Anyone who takes back the design's bullshit and scam worthy, imo. Tbh tho, it's like a herd...
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    How Do You Feel About Adopts?

    imo the main/only thing worth it for stereotypical/extremely basic species designs is if the design's wicked awesome as fuck, and has extremely interesting/detailed lore behind the species ahaHAha,,, else wise??? even my OS loving ass stays away from them like all hell. I ain't going to hold...
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    if you were raised by an anthro rabbit when you were a child, how would it affect your life?

    I'd probably eat my parent whenever they eventually died. That's the only change to my life, since parents were never rlly a part, more so just the internet and there's literally 0 complaints
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    What's your courtship ritual?

    I challenge them to a fight to the death. Wait. Maybe that's why I'm forever alone, I keep winning.
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    What Universe Does Your Fursona Live In?

    Fursona wise? idk, can b anything. OC wise, however? Considering that,, I've seen ppl mistakenly refer to all anthro characters as fursonas rather than splitting up OCs and fursonas into their own groups, idk which you're referring to. I've got a lot of OCs, spanned across a lot of universes!
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    Fantasy Rp [sfw]

    Do you have a telegram?
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    Give a job to the furry above you!

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    Is love difficult to find?

    I think it's partially a thing of 'in order to love someone, you must first love yourself' sort of mentality. For healthy relationships, where the love's proper and it doesn't end up toxic with extreme jealousy and what not, you need to work on what you've got currently. That's perhaps why...
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    Above Average Reference Sheet!

    Could you please give examples for what you consider above average, ref sheet wise?
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    I Beg u Fellow Artists,,

    o def,,, smaller images + spoiler!
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    Suggestions on How Much to Save Up?

    Hey there! Was looking to potentially go to a convention or two in '19 or '20, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how much to save up. Was already looking @ 500$ as bare minimum, considering transportation, food stuffs and cost of badge n hotel room. Wouldn't be surprised if the...
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    I Beg u Fellow Artists,,

    Shoot, forgot to tag you, @Shadowhawkart , sorry!
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    I Beg u Fellow Artists,,

    Y'ALL I FOUND THE WAY!! Whenever you click the insert image thing, if you add ?width=#&height=#, it'll fix it for you!!!
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    Ads on fA

    aHAHAH honestly I don't get those??? Is your SFW filter off? I think the NSFW ones only appear w/ever someone's thing is off. I get stuff like