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    [$50 dollar budget negotiable] Semi-Realistic Gore piece

    Good evening, I was looking for an artist who would like to draw my bull character SFW REFERENCE NSFW REFERENCE hung up on a meat hook and cut in half, not decapitated, and labeled like a beef cuts chart. Even his organs are off to the side and labeled ("Tripe" for the intestines, "Rocky...
  2. AxelRunehoof

    Fursona height extremes

    Mine is 5'7", because that's how tall I am and it's realistic to me.
  3. AxelRunehoof

    How did you figure out your fursona? :o

    I've always loved cattle. Cows are sweet, beautiful creatures. And tasty, too. I'm also a Taurus, and I've been in the furry fandom for 13 years. One day I just got tired of my fursona and thought, why the hell not? I like my star sign and I've always been compared to a bull (I've been called...
  4. AxelRunehoof

    How did you figure out your fursona? :o

    Flamingos, ostriches, and emus are leggy. heheheheh I have a friend who has a mule deer as a fursona. I really like your art... [contemplates PMing on FA]
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    Feral Freebies

    www.furaffinity.net: Axel Runehoof, SFW reference by AxelRunehoof I'd like to see how you draw my bull character in feral form. :) Perhaps a bucking or charging pose?
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    I burn hard money on this fandom

    I work a job that involves a lot of stress and a lot of pressure, and I get paid a pretty good wage myself. [$18.50/hour i think.] I look at my check and think "holy shit. I can buy so much with this." and there is s o much that I want. But I can't. Because I have to hold onto it and put it...
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    Rules for making a fursona. (joke)

    It must have wings. Even if it doesn't make sense for that thing to have wings.
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