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    Azure-Anomaly's Commissions and Designs ($10 - $100+)

    Azure-Anomaly's Commissions and Designs digital art + character designs + auctions + prepose an.azure.anomaly[at]gmail.com | furaffinity | weasyl | deviantart | twitter Current Commission Status: Open Current Specials: $20 Iron Artist Slots. (journal) Please Review: visual queue| queue | terms...
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    How did you learn to draw?

    Furthering this particular example, tracing can be a method of studying proportion. By tracing the material, or laying trace paper over it, the artist can further break down the subject into simpler shapes, or lines representing how long certain pieces are. Examples being: (source) Tracing...
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    How did you learn to draw?

    As a supplement to life drawing, however, tracing can assist in nailing the finer points of how anatomy works. I'm not saying that this should be a sole informant to drawing complex subject matter, I'm saying that it can help if you cant seem to nail proportions/lines/what have you just right.
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    Helpful or Neat Art Websites

    sketching techniques for illustrators/designers: idsketching.com color palettes for value/color relationship studies : chromaa | kuler | colllor | tool that generates a color scheme from a photo
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    How did you learn to draw?

    I always drew as a hobby. Started with tracing sonic the hedgehog comics and i've been drawing ever since. I improved gradually until college. I had a couple crappy chris hart books, and I took a couple art classes in high school plus a sketching class in college. Most of my improvement has been...
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    How can I make my watchers happy?

    Your watchers have watched you for a reason! Whatever you're doing currently, they must like some part of it to go through the effort of watching you and looking forward to what you do next. It should be up to you first and foremost what you draw and post. That being said, what other people...