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  • See I can't stand that. If I have a road racer (or grass roots drifter haha) understeer makes me think there is a possibility of rolling. That and when you slide out of a corner than whip the rear end right into another, the whole sudden and hard body roll, not a fan of. I like to have car or truck stay planted as possible. But if you like it that way, it's a good limit finder.

    Makes since though. I have a carbon fiber header gard for my bike. It's unpainted, but mostly because no paint would stick.

    Why not drop it more? 5mm is only like an 1/8 inch. Go for like 2 inch drop or like 52mm haha.
    So what's your driving style?

    And why paint carbon fiber? It looks so good as it is haha. Most people think that a flexible chassis is the way to go. Well, they would be surprised. I mean a little flex, like almost none, is good. But when your can get your in a corner and your inside tire comes off the ground, and it's not the suspension, that's bad. That or when some one launches and the body twists past the rear tires, not good.

    If you've added a wing, your must be moving.

    And people wonder why I like EFI. And you would think that a car like that to begin with would have a LSD.
    And I have seen a carbon driveshaft under too much power with too much grip. It pulls a magic truck and vanishes.

    How do you have the suspension set?

    And thank you :)
    That explains that one.

    May I ask why you love the car so much? And also what all have you done to it? The modified one that is.
    Then we know which one is on too of that list haha. Oh, and I took me a few tries to figure out that your profile pic is not real haha.
    I forgot about that. I've gone to tracks were factories (yamaha, honda, can-am, ect) have people try their new fourwheelers, or SXS's. So far I've tested can-am SXS. But I guess if to have a lot of tracks you want to race on, better start going to them. Before they close down.
    Well who says you have to race an cost-a-lot. If you love auto racing so much, find a cheep car and hit up a local road race, or track. It's not the best but it can be just as fun.
    Wow, someone else that thinks it's actually not bad. Awesome.
    You can take enyone, put them into enything, drift it, and it's guaranteed that they have fun.

    So, do you actively race?
    Oh ho, your a car racing fan. Nioce. I'm more of supercross, supermoto, and GNCC racing fan. You know, dirtbike and fourwheeler.

    So, drifting. What do you think about it? I'm just curious.
    Yeah night forest stage! I will say one thing, alot of people needed motion sick meds to not throw up. The owner of Vermont Sports car who preps all the rally cars for Rally America with Subaru and he got soo sick. Had to pull over so he wouldn't douse the car in vomit. Hell of a fun rally though.

    I have to say the antics and shit they get themselves into on Top Gear is hilarious. I loved it when they played soccer with VW fox and the Aygo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIeu7_-iwdw

    Are you from the states or are you from overseas?
    Very cool! Yeah racing does get expensive. I haven't made it to a track event. I prefer the off road kinds. My favorite was the Sno Drift TSD. Its at night, in Vermont during the winter. Lots of snow. Do you like the UK top gear by chance?
    My day job is a bank teller actually. Rally is what I do for fun when i have the funds. How about your self?
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