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    No, we can't hurt each other. Only our feelings. Protect your feelings, children! Anyway, nice to meet another fellow feline, even if my fursona is a lot less dramatic. *waves tail in the air in hello* ... People talk funny in this forum, no?
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    Why was the human drawing thread closed?

    I'm actually getting a little bit better at drawing people thanks to my work with anthros and other "intermediates". I could only draw animals before. Now I can do humanoids and am working on actual humans. Still, animals and anthros remain my fave. As for humans being the only problem...
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    Why was the human drawing thread closed?

    Yeah, it is definitely time for a new kind of human thinking. We're growing out of some of our worst outdated ideas, sure, but we can do so much better. Our children are becoming smarter and more aware with every generation, maturing earlier, questioning more. If you want to call them "indigo...
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    Why was the human drawing thread closed?

    I didn't see just cause for a threadlock either. I wasn't aware a few immature comments about a general subject constituted a flamewar. While it's true volcanoes and hurricanes and floods and fires and plagues and parasites and predators and stampedes ALL cause death and destruction, it's...
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    Why do random animals enter my home?

    I once had a bat fly into the trailer where I was living in Arizona. He made his own way back out, thankfully. Then one night when I lived by a river near here (here being North Carolina), I heard something heavy and winged thumping against the door. Thinking it was a bird or a bat (though...
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    Hello all...

    Next time I feel a pain in my butt I'll know who to blame, then. :P
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    The Pong Clock

    Retro, but new! Sweeet.
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    New around here

    *Rolls off of cat-tower and lands on the carpet in front of Chesh* Whoa! Hello. What species is that I smell? Nice to meet you.
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    Haven't really introduced my self yet...

    On the contrary, Kanapi dear, your offbeat lyrical nonsensical posts make me purr. What I'm trying to figure out is, is it deliberate, or is English not your first language? Your spelling is very good, if the latter is the case. But anyway, yes, I enjoy reading your posts. ^_^ Oh, I'm a...
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    Haven't really introduced my self yet...

    Lol. Kanapi, does anyone ever tell you they can't understand a word you're saying? It makes for very fun reading, though. Like poetry. I once had a cat that used to run into walls. Does that count? If not, I'm afraid I have nothing interesting to relate. :P
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    Hello all...

    I'm the right index finger. I've been allll sorts of places... <_< A friendly flick of the tail to you, Mobi. Watch out for trolls! If you see any, tell me, kay?
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    Do You Hate Love? I DO!!!!!!!!!

    Love has been relatively kind to me, so... no. Money hasn't been kind, so I hate money instead.
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    PETA and it's involvement in environmental policy

    How are animals not for eating? o_O They eat each other, don't they? And we're designed for an omnivorous diet, as a species. Hell, my fursona is a carnivore. Isn't it hypocritical to love cats and dogs but say that eating meat is bad for humans? Not to mention the kiddie propaganda...
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    Ay yo, this is Kanapi

    Oookay, so we've more or less established that no one can arbitrarily decide whether someone is or isn't a fur, right? It's more or less something you've got to define yourself as. Overall, I've noted that there are "fur artists" who draw furries but don't consider themselves such, and there...
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    Ay yo, this is Kanapi

    Amen to that. I didn't really flip out, though. Ijust left because I didn't want to get mixed up in an argument online. I've been in far, far too many of those for someone who really doesn't like confrontation. Still, in case I was unclear before, I'm not leaving the forum and possibly not...