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  • Inebriation was had, my friend, most likely at the cost of even more years.
    that's why you borrow some clothes and give them casey's residence. :> I swear, I saw at least two "now hiring" signs in castro alone lol
    it took the the entire week to adjust to the sheer amount of hills in SF, then I came back home and was like "oh right, arizona is flat as fuck. *disappoint*" :C

    I also saw something in SF I haven't seen in arizona for over a year... a "now hiring" sign. I'm moving >:V
    lol so I hung out with Ricky and Casey down at the con. why the fuck do I not live in San Fran. Coming back to Arizona, I question why this place even exists.
    The uniform is actually navy slacks and jacket and a stripey shirt. It's pretty nice but I sort of almost wish it was coveralls because it just feels like it should be. and because that's what they're wearing in all of my swat kats sex fantasies
    I'm not even sure how that works. You'd be adorable in the least optimistic way? Like... The condescending douchey way?
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