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  • I'm actually staying someplace up in the hills. My uncle's got an aeroplane fixin' hangar just off the airport that I've been helping out at.
    So, I noticed you be a Warhammer enthusiast and a forum addict? :p

    That be the case, have you been to Heresy Online forums yet mate?
    You can work at my Walmart they're always hiring. We can stare disapprovingly at customers when they try to question the rules and say stupid things.
    If it means anything, the supervisors here are pretty awesome and put up with a lot of my shenanigans and are pretty good partiers. c:
    i sent you a message on live messenger because i only remember i have this program after i close it when it automatically starts on the rare occasion i actually turn my computer off

    and then at the exact same time i was reading one of your comments so yeah

    also, aim
    I'll add you on yahoo, but I rarely use that. I use skype :<

    buuut you could get on tinychat :>

    so how was today?
    EXACTLY. I didn't want to bring it up, because I wasn't sure you felt the same way, (and it's kind of weird...) but the whole time I was out there, I just wanted a huge, long hug from someone. to squeeze someone tight for like, an hour. D: anyway yea, that sounds cool. I like hearing how someone deals with this kind of stuff.
    don't you live in Arizona? my friend knows all about centers around here and stuff that he might be able to help you out with if you need. he helped me when I was going through it.

    also there's good money to be had from plasma donations. $40 a week at best

    anyway good luck. I just feel bad watching someone go through this.
    Ah yes, I'm afraid I must agree. A lack of education spells a poor future, but I have been institutionalized in the education system my entire life. Dreams are always realizable, but sometimes it requires a sacrifice previously unconsidered or unbearable.
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