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  • Well that is very unfortunate. What are you looking to pursue in terms of your education?
    It's too bad you don't live around me. I'd get you well fed and a warm bed to sleep in. Let me know how you are doing, man. I want to keep on top of that.
    Huh? Oh no, I'm just online when I shouldn't be, and I'm wondering where you've been.
    So do/did you play KoL as well or what? The only other person I've seen mention it is Rilvor.
    It's a climb, but the mountain is only so high. Wait, that doesn't make any sense.
    I played slots for a few hours and only lost like 20 bucks.

    There was this cool Dean Martin slot machine that sang to me when I got the bonus that I made like 20 bucks from. It was cool.
    Yeah, it was my 21st.

    I just had a daquiri with dinner with my parents and then we went to the casino :D
    Ahahaha, Daria's one of my favorite cartoons. And don't say that about Mr. O'Neill, he's very sensitive. :<
    I'm so sorry, Azure.

    I'll keep you in my prayers...
    What happened to your cute avatar?

    They certainly don't. Tsch, they wanna be rollin' with the big boys they gotta up their game and consumption at least 250%
    I've got some birthday yiffbux that I need to drop off at the first national bank of your butt.
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