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  • Well, we all must make a living some how, and while a slaughterhouse is an.... unfortunate place for a vegetarian, I can only hope that isn't a more permanent solution. Perhaps we will catch up soon. I'm afraid I must sleep in which to work in the morning. I'll see if I can't catch you online at some point.
    If I play my cards right, I suppose I will be, but I don't place money as the ultimate goal of success for me. I need it, but it's not the end all. From your words, I gather your situation remains rather unchanged.
    It goes quite well. I've settled into a location I believe to be my final resting place... in a manner of speaking. The opportunity that awaits me is far too splendid to relinquish to pass over.
    Indeed. There was much talk in the parish when old Mrs McGranahan's wig got stuck to the wall. Some praised God, others feared the Devil. I knew the truth, and so did Father Magic Hands.

    Father Magic Hands.
    as a young altar boy in a wetsuit, i too learnt the purpose of sound insulation. it hid the screams from god and the cleaner with the gimp leg.
    the weekly dose of saviour is the only thing that gets me to mass on sunday. tastes like reheated kfc and tonic wine.

    dems good jesus
    so I'm back and remembered you were pretty okay. You cool too? Cause that would just freak my mind.
    Sometimes I can come across as being more upset than I really am, so I apologize if anything I've said has been rude. There are no hard feelings at least from this end, I know there are plenty of people like yourself who dislike Wal-mart and that's fine. I don't let a lot get to me, except when it seems a person is blatantly disregarding what's good for many over what's good for themselves, otherwise I let most things roll off my back like nothing. Life is too short to be hating anything or anyone or anyplace to me. So I'm sorry again.

    Also, happy late birthday!
    I didn't know it was your birthday ):

    I got you a card with a check for 100 yiffbux
    Oh lord, haven't heard that one in so long, XD
    Now I want to find and buy that Shit Happens: Religion poster and hang that up in my place.
    They are very delicious. There was one that threw me off, still is, and read: "You have an accurate and professional mind."
    That very phrase lifted my morale; I needed that, heh. Say, what's your take on fortune cookies? Do you believe them, throw the slips of paper away, use them for something else or...?
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