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  • I may take you up on that offer sometime. I'll have to assemble an essay first x3
    Thanks for the niceness since I've been back, Azure. It makes me feel like I belong here, haha. c:
    Likewise. I've got to get up for work in 6 hours or so. I'll see you around this place I'm sure.
    Let me know when you do, my man. I'll go ahead and give you my info, otherwise I'll be damned if I don't forget or suddenly stop coming here again. We're both wanting a better place, but that is also a discussion for a different time. I'd certainly be interested to hear the saga of your escape. I know more than a couple people who've found it very difficult to be free of. I will do my best to say hi, but in case I forget you can always do so yourself!

    Full name: Mr. Midnight, Oidhche-Yorath
    Skype name: Rilvor

    Shoot me a PM if you have to.
    That's good to hear! I haven't spoken to you since I abandoned the IRC channels (There is a valid reason for that, if you care to know), last I ever remember hearing from you you were in some military program learning a language of some sort. Judging from your words now, I assume much has changed!

    As for myself, I'm getting along fairly well. Better than I ever did a year and a half ago. Though I will admit, I am not satisfied and strive for more. Topaz and I are getting along wonderfully, we've been living together now for a year and 4 months now. You should check out her art some time, she's improved a lot. I'll say hi to her for you if I can remember.

    Do you have Skype or some such by chance? I still use mine, and would actually talk to you unlike anyone else on this site!
    How's it been going my man?

    Is it just me, or does no one actually remember what my posting used to be like?
    It's pretty hilarious, but the customize your profile stuff could possibly be the worst idea I have ever seen.
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