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  1. Azure

    Long time no see Fur Affinity

    I honestly don't even know why I make this post. I see that nothing has changed. Carry on! If you remember me, holla!
  2. Azure

    What do straight people even do

    straight people have to pull out when they nut
  3. Azure

    Welp, the forum is back

    i love how everyone thinks that people debating and spewing hate at each other on the internet is any different than what happens in real life. difference in opinions is a healthy trait of the human race, and the fact that the internet allows us to essentially play nanny state bullshit...
  4. Azure

    FAF Lookback Thread

    i still h8 u clayton :v hulk holegan furever
  5. Azure

    California Drought, Dipshit Neighbor.

    next time just wait till he goes inside and set his driveway on FIRE ill bet hes one of those old dudes always sprucing up his house and spraying water about willy nilly cuz he like the wet, new look. or just report him to police for violating water ordinances. repeatedly. every day. back it up...
  6. Azure

    Is yiff THAT significant

    sex is always prevalent in both interest groups of people mostly under 25 and in groups of people stuck in hotels for a prolonged period of time and with a surfeit of alcohol nuff said
  7. Azure


    only real forum og's remember kimmersets foreskin
  8. Azure

    Vote for the shitposting king and queen 2015

    flaccid? ill have you know ive been shitposting since before you were on the internet
  9. Azure

    Just found out my friend is in one of the cringiest videos of the Brony fandom

    feelin pretty socially acceptable over here and im a complete rude asshole ugh
  10. Azure

    Cooking Thread

    i should do something just not sure what maybe i will do play by play thing this weekend maybe with photos maybe
  11. Azure

    "Piss poor" and other weird sayings...

    nothing says self destruction like sticking a bomb up your ass, eh? its more in the sense that the petard was your big great whatever idea/schema/gambit, and when it fucked you over its as if you hoisted yourself upon it. akin to falling on ones own sword
  12. Azure

    "Piss poor" and other weird sayings...

    a petard is sort of like a big bomb on a stick used to blow up obstacles in a siege like gates or other such obstructions. they would approach the obstacle, usually under cover of either night or some sort of man made concealment to protect them from arrows and such, and "hoist" that big bastard...
  13. Azure

    Holy Divah,

    stronk post
  14. Azure

    Vanity Fair Article from 2001

    do they even still publish this magazine
  15. Azure

    "Piss poor" and other weird sayings...

    ive always been a fan of "your mom" like "your mom goes to college" or "your mom sucks cocks in hell"