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  1. Baby Giraffe

    Minecraft skin needed (MLP)

    Looking for a custom Minecraft skin of my pony character http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7472425 Contact me via IM on my FA account please! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/seragon/
  2. Baby Giraffe

    Wanted - Romantic Scene for mate as early B-day Gift.

    DAMN I knew I was on the wrong one >.=.< Sorry guys D: if a mod catches this feel free to move it.
  3. Baby Giraffe

    Wanted - Romantic Scene for mate as early B-day Gift.

    ((CHOSEN TO HIRE TORANEKO. THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MY ADD :D )) I hope he doesn't see this o.=.o But I need a picture of my mate and I drawn as an early b-day present while I still have money XD It will be clean; of me, a dragon, and him, a wolf, sitting under a tree having a picnic. My price...
  4. Baby Giraffe

    King Richard's Faire!

    Ok. I wasn't sure where to put this, It isn't furry related and isn't a con so I figured it should go here. If anyone lives in New England then they probubly know what King Richard's Faire is. Its a mid-evil faire held is Mass. I just went last week end for the second time! Its awsome, I...
  5. Baby Giraffe

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    New Hampshire, US (Am I the only bloody one from NH here? =/)
  6. Baby Giraffe

    Any one else a Blacksmith here?

    Lindsay technical books has many good blacksmithing books. I got all mine from them. Tempering. Straw yellow: Hard and brittle Blue: soft and springy. Just slowly heat the iron.
  7. Baby Giraffe

    Any one else a Blacksmith here?

    @Toe: Oh I Kno. I know what it's like to forge just for fun and it's not easy, nor do I ever walk out without some type of burn XD It's more of an art today than a standard of living that it used to be =/ I'm many MANY years from any desent sword smithing but it isn't hard to make a sharp hunk...
  8. Baby Giraffe

    What did you get called at school?

    Dragon Boy and Dragon Rider. Still am but it's more annoying than insulting.
  9. Baby Giraffe

    What type of Car/Truck/Motorcycle does your Fursona Drive?

    Mine drives a modified "duce and a half" 6X6 Military truck. Modded so he can drive it, being a dragon, and a HUGE speaker system in the bed. Made so he can drive in and drop the sides and the tail gate, lift it off the ground with hydrolic feet and blast music to the point of walls crumbling...
  10. Baby Giraffe

    weridest people u know of

    Wait O.=.o Every one is wierd.
  11. Baby Giraffe

    Forum Prediction

    I'll stay but my participation may go down. :p Talkin with you people here REALLY lightens my day XD
  12. Baby Giraffe


    Red. It really just sorta happened when I got my Avi done as I forgot to specify eye color =/ I like it any ways 8D
  13. Baby Giraffe

    Your Craziest dream

    God, I can't remeber the full dream but I do know It had something to do with 1000 year old cake and that I had to save it from the 8 ft tall naked army of strippers before the interstellar transform ray turned everything into chickens O.=.o And I think Master Chief was in it too.....
  14. Baby Giraffe

    weridest people u know of

    You got me!! :D *glomps*
  15. Baby Giraffe

    weridest people u know of

    The real question for me is how MANY O.=.o good god, like all the people I kno are weard in one way. Though I find that more fun than some idiot that just looks like another domino in the chain =/ they are boring. I love my friends spicy and keeping me guessing all the time XD