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Desperately need to scratch my RP itch...

I stopped playing WoW recently and my DnD group has dried up thanks to adult life.

Now I need RP, just good old fashioned adventure fantasy, I want to throw a big tough Badger at a team of Bandits, come out with a spear in my shoulder saying "Well, that's all sorted... pub?"

As for me? I'm a relatively relaxed, funny person who has a terrible "Don't say that filter." I'm LGBT friendly (straight myself, just not a bigot), happy to banter. VERY English, or so I get told. I swap between grumpy and horny and I'll make no apologies for that.

Adult life means this will largely be a place I come when I have time, but I'll see what RP I can snatch from the jaws of IRL.
Jan 31, 1990 (Age: 33)
England, South East
Fur Affinity Page
European Badger (Meles meles)
Lab tech, Microbiology


Grumpy old Bastard who don't like mornings.


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