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    Remember! The newbie is for life, not just for Christmas!!

    no way in hell am I getting up to walk them at 3 in the fucking morning!
    Mine is a little one. Most mud trucks over here in the states are 10 foot wide with 7 foot tall tractor tires and do 60mph (100kph) across jumps. And we have a lot of narrow trail trucks, but they sill run 40inch plus talk tires. Guess we like big hp and big tires.

    That's still one awesome lookin ride, wish I had one. My trucks have factory motor, tranny, axles, everything but the clutch and tires.
    Hikers don't know that trucks can and well run them over if provoked enough. Damn hikers. But it's awesome that you are in to rock crawling. Tried and found out it is actually very hard. And mud boggin is always fun.

    But yes I'm an avid off roader. I tend to like the faster off road racing, wether it be 4x4's or fourwheelers. And also mud drag racing, more precisely the type known as hill-n-hole racing. Looks it up on youtube. It's fun. But ever now and then I like trail rides, were it's every thing in one. Mud, rock, speed, sand, and sometimes pavement.

    Do you have a vehicle that is one use only designed or do you have an all in one? Aka, daily driver with week end fun.
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