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    With the addition of the "unwatch" and "unfavorite" message griping in the journals, it occurred to me that if when someone does remove a watch or favorite they should be prompted with an option to leave the artist an anonymous message or note as to why you removed that watch. Just my two cents.
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    Server Installation - Sched. Monday 28JUL08

    DigitalMan and those who wish to argue with him: Take this to PM's People are reading this thread for upddates concerning the server installation, not to read abour how you would have done it, nor to read others point out fallacies in your arguments. Point is, you're not doing it, it's being...
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    New Servers

    If your high expectations are anything to rely on, the donations via PayPal and Amazon must be coming in droves. The best of luck and godspeed to you all working to make FA possible for years to come.
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    Having hardware troubles

    DirectX is a microsoft proprietary. While I cannot know the state of your box, depending on which version of Windows you have, and if you have automatic updates on, you should have DirectX. Microsft DirectX site.
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    The Critique Thread - Post requests for crits here!

    Shameless self-promotion thread? Okay. 20% Chance of Rain This was a short story I did thinking about different perspectives on the average rampage macro destruction story. It follows an everyday middle-class wolf and his trip to his job as a weatherman. Of course, being in the nature of...
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    reset connection

    Essentially the physical location of the servers. More information here.