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    Vent Thread

    All too true here.
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    Party at Mambi's realm, all are invited!

    (Mad respect @Mambi for keeping this going like you have, especially so with all the lengthy posts.)
  3. Balskarr

    Isis the Snake

    Welcome to the party! Hope you enjoy your stay here. I myself am always up for making friends and doing a little RP myself.
  4. Balskarr

    Why do you keep going

    I keep going for those who can't anymore. I carry their banners with me and seek to honor their names. I keep going for those that need me and those who enjoy my company. If nothing else then I go and seek fun in my life. I'm happy to just go with the flow as I myself enjoy life these days with...
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    Unpopular opinions 2.0!

    The assumptions that people like to make on this forum are some of the absolute furthest stretches I have ever seen on the internet.
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    Ia it normal for non-furries to enjoy tf's?

    It's not normal for anyone to enjoy it if you ask me. But hey. I'm not even a furry so what do I know?
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    Both of these statements are true, agreed. Have a nice day.
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    I feel this has more to do with you being a toxic individual really. Bring on more mods I say. More just in general. From all walks of life. This place needs it.
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    Veteran FAF members heed my call!

    I don't like the way they behave nor the way these forums were last year any more than you do but you need to calm down. It's going be hard for anyone to sympathise if you're this aggressive. *Sigh* As for me? Can hardly say I'm a veteran. It's been... Three years? Can you believe I came to...
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    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    Oh look. Someone with their head in the right place. Bravo.
  11. Balskarr

    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    Jeez. All this arguing is pointless due to all the bad takes from both sides. Trans rights are human rights. Simple as that. Good day to all.
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    Nah. You wouldn't by far be the first. Not in talking about what they've worked on or the fact that it is "impure" as you say. I wouldn't necessarily know how to go about sharing your content in a way that would be ok here. It's not my thing but you'll be surprised how many here might like it...
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    Anyone wanna start a one-on-one magic rp with me? {Open}

    People manage somehow. Most people have a lot of time now anyways. Easier to dedicate oneself to the art.
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    Hello, I'm Libretto!

    Can confirm.
  15. Balskarr

    What would you, personally, call cat/dog hybrid fursonas?

    I prefer the more cynical term "Uninspired"