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  • Hah! Going to use the icon a Russian artist helped me to perfect. <3 Hi internet
    I legit love it, it's great! :p
    I was only joking! Dat escalation.

    I couldn't find you on the Skypes though. You could find me on Steams as Hewge probably though.
    It was a feel of "Hey! I've seen that during a fap session before... ohdamn"

    Reminiscence, regret, guilt, and more regret.
    It's fine really. My problem was that it sounded a lot like you were enabling people's tendencies to ignore social cues and just refrain from shoving things in other's faces when they're obviously not comfortable or interested. Hence the whole idea of time and place.

    I'll apologize too though.
    I this forum? I dunno. It's hard to be approachable if everyone is very bitter and non-approachable.

    Seriously doe, before i try to start a discussion (argument) I step back and look at what I'm dealing with. If the other guy (differing opinion or POV or whatever) is a conceded, cynical, condecending, retarded cunt I just don't bother. There is no point and it just ends up with both sides looking like assholes. If the conversation topic is heavily opinion based (Ex. Ylvis song, yay or nay [nay]) then I'd simply state my answer and reasons why, pushing matters is pointless no matter how awful their tastes are.

    And there is some topics that should just be avoided completely (Ex. beastiality) because, again, It'll just be a shit flinging contest where the most monkeys with the biggest bowels wins.

    I'm not very approachable most of the time either, I just find that being more understanding with peoples opinions helps a lot.

    Other than that i'd say follow the forum rules.
    It is, yus <:

    Internal conflicts and the like, but life doesn't let you stop to deal with 'em. I'm honestly pretty fine, just missing out on my quota of fun! You okay?

    Can't help but think you're on steroids with all that bold textin' going on.
    don't get banned, kay? k

    ED: you got banned. y u do
    I see you are no longer banned, looking forward to some interesting posts by you.
    lol. I've seen at least some of that video before, I think. I think its funny and really silly.
    I wonder what the guy who was saying all that in the video thinks nowadays.
    I don't know who it is. Thanks for the message though! A lot of people don't seem to agree with me on things like that thread, but thats okay. Thanks for being so kind though. Nice to see. As far as what's up, not much. Still kind of excited after all the E3 announcements recently. Thanks for the offer. I don't really need anything right now though, and I don't really have much to say. Thanks anyway though, and thanks for the friend request!
    That's really funny. I was just reminded of Slappy Squirrel earlier today. She was great but then that whole show was amazing.
    Wait, your FaceBook gets blocked? By who? People? Or the admins? Post blocked?

    What kind of info are you needing? I have you on Skype, but you're never on. :p
    Nah, not really. Haven't has soda since June 2012 and being more open about myself. That's pretty much it. How about you?
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