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    Ask The User Below You Anything

    When me and my cousin we're little kids, we thought the Chinese middle finger was legit, so we ran around, flipping everyone off with our pinkies. Do you Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round? (Like A Record Baby?)
  2. Band1t

    Game: bad genies

    Wish granted. Though I think pogo sticks are already the superior travel method. I'd like some fancy bagels.
  3. Band1t

    Ask The User Below You Anything

    I guess. What is the deal with airline food? I quite enjoy it but I have no idea why everyone bashes on it.
  4. Band1t

    Words that sound funny to you

    Agreed^ Mt. Nicaragua
  5. Band1t

    Theoretically, Biscuit.

    Theoretically, Biscuit.
  6. Band1t

    Ask The User Below You Anything

    I think it's rude that he's giving me the bird. Manners Maketh Man...
  7. Band1t

    Retro Games Thread

    I love the text adventure version of "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". I guess I just love those books too, but whatever.
  8. Band1t

    Game: bad genies

    Wish granted. Your new catchphrase is "Dominate me Daddy!" I wish to not be the center of attention. Thongs aren't my style anyway.
  9. Band1t

    Chain Reaction

    Inspection Inspector
  10. Band1t

    What video game are you playing...

    Back 4 Blood Beta! Who else plays it?
  11. Band1t

    Would you go on a date with the Avatar above you?

    8/10, I did not like having someone try to sexualize everything, but it was a pretty good date.
  12. Band1t

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    Me when you when you your mom is at her house.
  13. Band1t

    Game: bad genies

    Cool! You get a mint that's from an alternate reality where bad breath is good! Hope you like dog food and egg shells flavor! I wish for some sort of clothing accessory that goes along with my scarf. Defiantly something that hides that I'm carrying Bubonic Plauge.
  14. Band1t

    Chain Reaction

    Beaver Man