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  • I saw him in the game and thought "...why the hell did they put clothes on him"

    ...uh, what I meant to say is, yea! he's a cool character... :l
    Ahahaaaa, danke. c:

    They are twins. She didn't say they couldn't be horrifying and conjoined.
    Yeah. Always use symmetry tools even when making a normal rocket. It has aerodynamics and weight distribution that affect the flight :eek:
    What I found amusing was to put the command module on tp of a booster, and slap boosters EVERYWHERE. It became so wide it hit the launch tower and shrunken down it made a glorious explosion in the sky 'cause of overheating
    The infinity-rocket wasn't saved on my pc :C
    Anyway, have around 4-6 boosters, maybe a booster or two for stage 2, and stage 3-4 are those different engines, as they boost longer, but with lesser thrust they're ideal for space travel. Then eject the dome and let it sail to eternity :D
    Make it light enough to break orbit, after that it's smooth sailing as far as you just have the patience to wait. I'll see to the screencaps when I get home, OK?
    I'm curious, what was your previous username? Trying to decide if you're a new friend or an ancient enemy :3
    "I will use my manners and say WHERE'S MY ART DAMMIT LEY thanks.

    I'm actually so glad you're doing this, thanks times a thousand.

    Oh and don't go neglecting eating or other things to finish these arts. That would be very bad :c "

    C: No problem. And it's a 'summer art list'. As in I will do it slowly during my summer. C: Or actually, within a month. A lot of this stuff is way easy c:
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