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    I'm accepting requests! [full]

    RE: I'm accepting requests! I don't have a picture yet, but I do have an interesting one- I was wondering for a new avatar, as my fursona is fox/draco hybrid. Basically a completely black fox with dragon scales and tail; the only reference I have is -...
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    So, tell me about your fursona. =]

    *Locks doors* Ok, I am very scared now. *Cowers under table*
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    So, tell me about your fursona. =]

    *Locks doors* Ok, I am very scared now. *Cowers under table*
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    OMGz I'm doing art trades & gift art [closed]

    RE: OMGz I'm doing art trades & gift art Ah! Yes artness! Can I get a reguest of Bane drawn up please? Heres his reference. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bane/ Thankyou! =D
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    So, tell me about your fursona. =]

    Name; Bane Ranua Breed: Red Fox (It's red, right?) Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Mate: (None! Hell yeah for being single and uncontrolled!) Age: 19 What?- Well, younger looking fox than others for his age. He wears the same shirt and jeans all the time which people find weird, and...
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    Timewaster Thread #1 Useless Inventions

    Man, I'm starting to regret making this thread..... ROFL!
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    Timewaster Thread #1 Useless Inventions

    Name a useless invention that you know of. Rules are only one invention per furr on each page. This is so it gives everyone a chance. ok, me first. A water proof tea bag.
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    Will all straight FEMALE furs...

    Ah, what the hell. Shoot me the website! I'm on a lonely part of the planet. Stupid New Zealand no furry thing...
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    Ever have a dream where you "become" your fursona?

    I have had before, but its never how I wanted it to be. I may be my fursona, but not along the stroyline I would like it to be, its always weird as a dream should be. But yeah, I have had a fursona dream many times, it always makes you feel better in the morning. ^-^
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    POLL: Can you awnser me a very simple question?

    Can you spell answer properly?
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    what made you a furry?

    Me? Most likely years build up of imagination that I had to release onto some sort of story or creation, with a little help of replacing people with furries. Thats what made the great idea XD.
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    Join my story?

    I'm interested too mate, I got a story I'm making too and I wouldn't mind having my fursone be put into this one too. Definately get me on msn- (remx_pom@hotmail.com) or pm me dude. I would love to see how this turns out. (My character is more of the modern type, non magical stuff, guns and...
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    Anybody Out there?

    XD Yeah I think I did submit something similar to this, but, maybe some could have joined up since. Hmmmm, (I'm all alone!!!)