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Baron Kriege
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  • I'm not condemning porn art I'm just a bit uncomfortable with it. I just don't want to become addicted to it and start seeing women as sex objects. I'm still a virgin and I'm not comfortable enough with my sexuality at this point.
    No, I am not abusing my powers. Now please stop this nonsense or I'll take further action.
    The gall of you filthy megalomaniacs, there's no putting me in your slimy shackles of depravity and greed!
    And fuck you trolls if you want attention or a kick here's some advice. The best kicks come from killing and mutilating a human being so get the fuck to it and join the other 200 serial killers arrested every year, perhaps if you get good at it you may evade capture and kill another troll eventually.
    I am saddened to say I have lost some faith in what it is to be furry I am no tamed beast but a skipping daisy chain making carnivore thirsty for blood, lust and lude sex wherever I can get it.
    Greetings admins and visitors it appears FAF is a collection of sorry characters and this place is a tight ship. It seems one has little freedom of speech. If I knew I would soon find a iron fist up my ass I would have avoided idling my time away here in the first place. No lenience is shown for energetic and subversive new comers such as myself. its as if this site is run by some fun less geriatrics melded to there stool soaked computer chairs. I insist the rules have been abused by there enforcers and not I.
    Welcome to the side of my fire wiry traveller, please sit a while and warm those paws. You hesitate as the sharp eared shadow enveloped canine in grandiose military attire begins to polish a large pistol, you notice a smoking skull in the fire and now recognise the subtle but biter taste of burnt flesh!
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