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    Legend of Queen Opala Furry Character Vote

    Gabe is developing the third game in her Legend of Queen Opala RPG series. For the next three days there's a vote going on about having another furry character. If you're interested, you can check it out here (NSFW Link) and please vote Yes on the poll!
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    OPEN FOR CHEAP COMMISSIONS AND A FEW FREEBIES (Read Deatails on linked Journal)

    Just wanted to give a shout out if people haven't checked the journal: Commissions start at $5 for a Sketch. Sample Sketchwork at http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5443284/ The freebies are FREE ART. There's $50 worth of free art being given away, just submit your idea in the journal and it...
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    What the? Did furry go mainstream or something?

    I'm jealous of the people who seem to be finding other members of the fandom in their local areas. I move around frequently an I've never found any furries near me. Granted that might have something to do with me not actually bringing it up in public at all. Furry is definitely more mainstream...
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    FWA Undercover (Radio station sneaks into furry con)

    Has any kind of outside report on the fandom or for that matter any group ever been objective? It's like when one political party writes something on another political party. :rolleyes: Anyway, the important thing to learn from this is how not to talk to the press. I always hear con staff talk...
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    Site Outage: Feb 25, 2009

    Dragoneer, I apologize for even bringing this up because I read your comment about revamping the admin system and I'm sure there's nothing I can contribute that you guys won't already have under control. However, it is rather irritating to see people make idiots of themselves repeatedly with...
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    A list of the damaged profiles?

    Before this thread gets locked too because of asinine antics of people who don't realize the irony of having thousands of posts on these boards: Thanks to Dragoneer, Yak, and everyone else who responded to this quickly before it got to more than 3 accounts (assuming it could have, anyways)...
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    Fuzzy Dragon Boy~

    Great to have you on the boards! ^^ I think everyone is kind of shy at first but I really hope you enjoy your time here. This is particularly cool because you're the only fuzzy dragon I heard of other than Twile. I hope I get to see you around boards! :)
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    Enter: Diane!

    Salutations, Diane! ^^ It's really great to have you on the boards, you seem like a really neat Lynxfox. I think it's also pretty impressive that you're in college so early, I really hope everything works out well for you. Especially stuff like 3D Composition, if you're going for art education I...
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    Should I Buy A PS3?

    Well, I was hoping this wasn't going to devolve into a console argument thread but apparently that sort of thing is inevitable. So, in an attempt to continue without stepping on many toes: I own a PC and a Wii. Pretty much all the non-exclusive games for the PS3 and the 360 are also on the PC...
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    Uh... Hi.

    Glad to have you on the forums! ^^ I'll have to check out your FA page sometime. And please do keep practicing, it's really the only way you can improve talents like drawing. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what do you do for music? Do you synthesize stuff or play an instrument? Pus, I kind...
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    Should I Buy A PS3?

    If you actually save the money in a bank, I actually read a recent news report on 1-up.com (that I can't find for the life of me now) that talked about Sony cutting the cost of the PS3 in the near future. The 80G is $400 right now and the 160G is $600, so if you're alright with spending that...
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    Opinions on my 'A short explination of the Furry Fandom'?

    I hope you don't get discouraged if people berate you for it, because I think it's not half-bad. There's not really a lot of information there but for something short it does give some basics. Some notes: I believe the word furry uses common English pluralization and therefore is written...
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    Yiff: The Card Game

    Yay, Lite-Brite! ^^ I hope I get to see you there!
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    Athro or furry fiction you'd recommend?

    There are a lot of different ones out there but it really depends on what kind of genre you're looking for. I personally haven't read anything by Linda Zuckerman so thank you very much for pointing out her name, because I'll have to take a look at her books when I get a chance. Like ToeClaws...
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    Yiff: The Card Game

    If I recall my history correctly, Y:TCG was a really short-run game that had one printed set released at one convention a few years back. I think QuetzaDrake got the date right at around 2004. Furoticon is the same kind of thing but with a better website design. And the rules are a lot like...