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Batty Krueger
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  • Hey, happy birthday Batty! Bet you already celebrated over the weekend, though. Monday birthdays are blaaaaaaaaaaah.
    Hey man, I heard there was a tornado and mudslide near you a few days ago. Everything cool? I know I would've been freaked out...
    Ffffff I just got done watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Holy shit, I knew the feels-train was coming and I still lost it. ;n;
    Also, true to my word, I am reporting in on the last part. I did not get the reference. >n<
    Glad it's not broken or hairline fractured I've had both of those and it sucks so I'm happy you don't have to deal with that.
    Lol thanks, i think it would have been more of an impulse buy than anything, was an ok sized typical fish tank, i just had it set in my mind that they went for over £1300 so i was getting a steal :p
    If i did get a marine set up though it'd definitely be just for a mantis shrimp anyways :p
    Pssst, just wonderin, how much of a hassle is maintaining a marine tank compared to a freshwater tropical one?
    Havent looked into them much, but there's one advertised on a local FB group for £300 for an entire tank set up, that good? Thought they were over £1000 normally.
    Well, maybe you can use that thinking to fix things before they get out of hand?

    It's always sad when a kind person goes in such a way.
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