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Batty Krueger
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  • Word. I bought them all (and a poster) on Ebay. Had to ship the 4th in from Canada :-[
    The writer says he wants to make a trade when he has enough material so fingers crossed.
    There are 4 issues of BD out there, but they're super rare. There's a 5th issue coming out this month.
    I found a download. It's so good mang.
    Batty! Batty! Have you heard of this series Bad Dog? It seems squarely in your wheelhouse (and mine). Bought them immediately.
    lol, sounds like it was a good time!

    I think I saw the fox ones at AC. I was gunna grab it but my budget was running low and I figured I wouldn't wear it that often lol
    You sound drunk :V

    Also I saw those bandanas in your profile pic on sale last AC. I was thinking about buying one, they're kinda cute lol.
    i know what you mean about the stitching but is all good just a strap can easily be fixed but hey, cant say you didn't warn me
    XD Sorry for the late reply. Not too bad actually. Preparing for the busy season at work and my trip to a furry convention in november...its my first. ;-;
    fuck yeah i was lookin at some like tht but i found these instead just waitin on money but im sure you know what i mean cuz them bitches is expensive well i cant figure out how to link them sorry but they are TrippNYC Toxic Teknolgy pants and i have a hoodie tht will sort of match hopefully they will look good with them
    Tripp NYC uhm the pants and shorts do you wear them cuz you just seem like tht type of guy and its not good being like the only person i know tht wears them
    sorry for not being specific
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