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Batty Krueger
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  • ill try that one next week, im just seeing how the jungle bunny works.
    Oh yeah most of my friends in school were into Misfits in a huge way, so I've grown up knowing of them. :) Even still in college I see the band's logo everywhere, tons of fans up here in Idaho.
    shweet. plus side to Traditional though is that once im back in Cali after packing my stuff is I can hand it to you in person for you to keep without mailing it :3
    yea, the ban is already lifted, and i was allowed to post everywhere else in the mean time so im not too worried, just gonna be more careful about when i update stuff.

    and you wanna commission me hu XD well once you "figure something out" then go ahead and pm me!
    apparently according to Tiamat (i think, i had to empty my inbox) I was illegally bumping my Iron Artist thread in the Black Market. All I did was update it since it had been (to my memory) nearly a week since my last update on it.. and I was under the assumption based on the rules i would at least get a warning first if I was doing it. :I it was just a 1 day ban from TBM though and its over already.
    Oh, yeah. Some of us from the old gtwt made a great exodus to this holy land http://furrygtw.forumotion.com/. Milk and honey abound and it's trollfree. I'm there a lot cuz its so much more relaxed and chill. Of course, it has about 30 ppl XD But its a cute enough place
    I know whatcha mean. Seems things just aren't what they used to be. Plus no interesting threads! I've just been hanging around the new gtwt thread here lately.
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