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  • Well, it's all clear. I'll head on to be now and hopefully I wont wake up to too many suprises.

    Stay classy, hit you up tomorrow. ^^
    Well that was fun. ^^

    Figured I'd check everything before I went off to bed. I hope I didn't accidentally overwhelm myself with people wanting to role play on F-List, lol. xD
    Hahah, I know how that can be.

    One of my friends just invited me to play AC Revelations multiplayer, I think I'll take him up on that and stop whoring myself on F-List, lol. xD
    Hmm, maybe I'll go play Minecraft, or Mass Effect 3. If I can muster up the desire to play them again. lol xD
    Freetime, etc. At least I think. xD

    I just realised I've been going around F-List for about 2 hours now non-stop. I hate to admit it, but maybe I need a break from FA, I think I'm getting a little too desperate. lol. It's almost depressing.
    I wish. But my family and IRL friends would make it really difficult. I'm hoping we get some leeway to chat soon. Until then I can try F-List.
    That's true. I do have one friend who pretty much has the exact same fetishes I do, but he's barely online.
    Any kind.

    Thooooouuuugghhh, I'd perfer the kinky kind. xD

    Which reminds me, I decided set up an F-List. It's much easier to list my fetishes and preferences that way. :3
    Hehe. XD

    Been bored much of the day, lol. No one to talk to, no games I wanna play. Wish I could have a little fun, lol. xD
    No worries. I've pleanty to keep me occupied. ^^ If I weren't dry right now my request would be one of them, lol. xD

    Have fun with your friend before he leaves. :3
    Well I'm off to Xbox Live. I'll be back on later tonight though. Hit you up then.

    Thanks for letting Jon and Talon have a bit of fun. ^^
    Oh wow this looks amazing! ^^

    I do like men in skimpy clothes. A guy in nothing but boxer briefs is enough to turn me on. xD
    I'm liking the sound of it more and more, lol. Thanks. ^^

    Hahah. I know a lot of guys where baggy clothes because they're comfortable, but I'm not fond of them because baggy clothes don't show anything off. xD

    Yeah. That's pretty much why I'm there. xD If I go for a while without getting anything, I'll post a thread requesting something. For now though, I'll be happy letting Jon have a little fun with Talon. ^^
    Mayyyyybe. ;) Though I'm not just looking for friends so I can leech art or stuff like that. I may be horny but I'm not a prick, lol. I literally have no one IRL I can talk to about this stuff. It sucks when you can't open up to people.

    Hahah, yeah I know. I'm not exactly in shape, so I love to wear loose fit clothes too, though they can't really hide it when your boner's sticking out like a sore thumb. xD

    One big reason I'm looking for adult art involving my nut crusher fetish is so I can have a little something to appeal directly to me, because there's, well, nothing like that out there now. I mostly have to rely on my boxer briefs, bondage, and milking machine fetishes. And most of the time, no gut being milked is ever wearing undies. So... yeah, specific turn ons suck. lol xD So that's why I'm lurking around the art exchange. I have had a couple artists agree to do adult requests, but they've been busy and I haven't heard from them since. *sigh* It's like waiting on Christmas. xD
    I do like FA a lot, but it's mostly just cause I'm lazy. xD
    That and my RL keeps me busy with family and friends. Can't tell you how many times I've thought about FA near my family and had to hide my crotch because little Jon was standing at attention, lol. It's pretty sad really. The main reason I joined FA was to openly talk about my sexual desires with people who had similar interests, and it's a lot harder to hide from friends and family than I thought. xD It's fun and challenging though, and I'll eventually get it sorted when I get the money so I can go get a router. xD
    And if I look at it this way, if I'm not on FA all the time, I have the chance to come on and be suprised by a request or potential new friend. ^^
    If my math is right, which is unlikely since I was never good at math, I slept for twelve hours. Yeah, I'm a VERY heavy sleeper. xD

    No, I just have the modem. For right now, if I want to use one or the other I have to switch out the ethernet cables. Hopefully I'll get that problem sorted sooner or later. It seriously sucks not being able to be on FA and Xbox at the same time. lol
    Just woke up, lol. Perfect World finally downloaded last night. Other than that I'm chatting with my IRL friends over MSN, and came on FA to chat. Still pretty bored, lol. I am excited to be back online though, but I'll have to go in a couple hours so I can get on Xbox with my friends. I seriously need to get a router for my PC.
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