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    T'is fine, better late than never. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Photo Thread

    *local goon gives away free wallpaper that was made with amateur photo editing of a picture that was shot in a campsite*
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    Weird/unusual stories about your family’s history?

    Apparently my Mother's Grandma's Grandma was a cook in the Whitehouse of the United States; which would explain why she was very persistent with table manners.
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    Vent Thread

    So, I am stuck in a rut, don't know what to do in my 20s, unsure on how to expand social horizons, shotty wellbeing, and I have no job. I don't know what type of careers I will be in; a game designer, a shrink, an anthropologist, a writer? Only thing that keeps me occupied are hobbies atm...
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    Aw, thank you!

    Aw, thank you!
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    Question: How to RP?

    Googled what is Furcadia and realized it is ANCIENT. Wow, respect for it being still up.
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    Question: How to RP?

    When the narration perspective shifts from limited to omniscient.
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    Question: How to RP?

    Yo, Lately I have had a sudden interest to maybe try to do RP, Roleplay, but I don't know where to go or to start. Yes there is the Discords, these forums, and many more, yet I'm honestly intimidated by of all this; not sure where to start. Also, I am not too much of a social internet lad; I...
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    Raccoon thread

    Hmm... A thread about racoons... Here's an idea that is lurking in my membrane (and also a way for this idea to be passed on if I fail to do something about it): Imagine a racoon who constantly help crooks commit tax evasion for a large sum of money. Yet, the racoon will constantly screw over...
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    What kind of person are you?

    A chill realist, whom may be in a rut, tries to find optimistic means be it: creative ventures, drawing and writing, analysis on works (film or literature), explore the human nature (psychology or anthropology means), and examine weird stuff. Currently job hunting since college is done for now.
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    New Furry Artist

    Yo, that's a good start for your online art stuff!
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    A new furry looking for guidance.

    Welcome to the realm of furries, I'm also examining this as well. So, for that fursona stuff, get in contact to an artist whom can do commissions, requests(, or trades) at: Fur Affinity (and it's forums section), So Furry, and Deviantart. Those are my only known trio to find an artist who draws...
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    Hope there's a lifeguard around, as it appears my descent into this realm is very, very deep.
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    Yo, how are you? I'm doing well atm.
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    What have you been having for breakfast lately?

    Poached eggs, or, if I am super lazy, cinnimon cereal for breakfest/brunch.