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  • Thanks for calling my shit groovy!

    Your +watch is like a colorful hug upon my soul.
    Even though I essentially never upload jazz, and rarely even go to FA. ...I should work on that.

    You know, Benji-boy, you seem pretty swell. Do you have a Steams or something? You'd totally be fun to chat with.
    I'll cyber-anything with you anytime ;3c

    Now let us away and spread the homosexual agenda!
    Dance, alcohol, justice... you have it all!
    ...Come here often?

    Hewge spends his days simply grooving down the path of life, hoping that the music never ends.
    Aka; I like to draw shit and hope that my life won't turn out horribly. xP
    Good good. I likes me some justice.

    As long as Hewge dances, the pandas shall dance. And Hewge will forever be dancin'.

    What does Benji the Crusader do? What is your jive to life, yo?
    How's the Homo Crusade going, yo?

    Do you strike fists of justice and rainbows down upon non-believers?
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