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  1. BenP321

    Mongrels BBC puppet show

    Always a plus! I wonder if the writers are aware of furries...
  2. BenP321

    Mongrels BBC puppet show

    Just finished watching it. Made me laugh quite a bit once it got going. Considering this was a pilot, and BBC Three, an award is needed. Think of a British furry version of family guy, but more restrained (which is a good thing). Look forward to seeing more.
  3. BenP321

    Free domains?

    Sorry mate, nothing is free in this world(apart from yummy food samples :D)
  4. BenP321

    anyone into finding life outside earth?

    I just like the way the BBC says "it could have unforeseen consequences" in their news article about the LHC. And as all Half-Life fans know, that's the level which is when scientists at Black Mesa carry out an experiment that basically causes the end of the world! It maybe a very appropriate...
  5. BenP321

    anyone into finding life outside earth?

    It was a bad episode. This season seems to be going o.k though. But some episodes are just an embarrassment to the BBC. Such as the one with the giant wasp. Such a ridicules story. I guess 2001 has just ruined all other sci-fi for me now! :-)
  6. BenP321

    TF2 - Meet the Sniper & Pyro Leak

    Valve doesn't seem to bother with console :[ Oh well, good thing I got it on PC! Mwhaha!
  7. BenP321

    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.4 Ghz(the quad makes it sound snazzy!) 4Gb of Ram 512MB 8800 GT 600gb hardrive Windows Vista 32bit(can't use all that ram, damn...)