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    My First Reference Sheet

    Thank you! I probably should, I haven't attempted drawing clothes yet. Would be a good thing to practice.
  2. BerasWorld

    Looking for NSFW Discord

    Hello, I am looking to find a good NSFW Discord server that I can lurk in and practice drawing out scenes. I am mostly asexual myself, but I love the art and beauty of sex and want to perfect drawing out scenes. So I can later do commissions. I would share any scenes I drew out with the people...
  3. BerasWorld

    My First Reference Sheet

    This is the first reference sheet I've ever made. I am looking for constructive criticism or something I could have done differently.
  4. BerasWorld


    My inktober submission. She is my view of Mary in the movie American Mary. I wanted to do a primal theme, because the movie is very primal. I think Mary is very much a prey animal(SPOILER ALERTS!). She can't change what she is though, so after killing the professor she puts on his skull to cover...
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    Show me your art!

    This is actually my first 100% not traced or copied digital art drawing. When I first got into the fandom, I copied someone else's character and repainted it. I didn't see the issue really until I started to actually learn how to make art myself. So I deleted the character and I am trying to...