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  1. BigPuppy_Stuart

    White Christmas

    No. But then it never does so i am not surprised.
  2. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Do you Cringe at Mutilation?

    I do not like an innocent being mutilated but a villain or enemy combatant is fine. It really all depends on my rather fickle mood.
  3. BigPuppy_Stuart

    If you're 30 or older.

    Guess what? These things are now available to you so why not enjoy them now instead of bitching.
  4. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Furry groups on psn

    I am also ignorant of any groups and would like to learn more.
  5. BigPuppy_Stuart

    So apparently Avatar is anti-gay because it doesn't have gays in it.

    And the dignity of GLBT community is reduced by 20 points. This saddens me. it is either a stunt as someone else said to drum up watchers or someone has really flipped their lid.
  6. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Dead space 2

    That creature is a murder-whore and the only way to beat it is to slow it with stasis then cryofreeze it then later burn its ass with the shuttle engines. The Deadspace extraction game was kinda amusing but i wonder if it is Canon.
  7. BigPuppy_Stuart

    The Thread For Finding/Remembering Lost Games

    Freelancer. i wish it would function properly again.
  8. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Seriously who's responsible for this >:[ .

    I have seen these cookie cutter avatars. can't say they have bothered me all that much.
  9. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

  10. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Apparently this *is* a joke: Church on your Wii!

    Sillier things have been made. Like the SNES Noah's arch that was a Wolfenstein clone.
  11. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Dragon Age Orgins?

    It is a pretty damn awesome game. as to your file problem sorry no x-box so i have not advice for you.
  12. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Calling All Gamers...

    Sounds like someone is gathering data for a paper or market research or some such thing.
  13. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Tekken 6

    I am going to play it soon for the first time. Will most likely play a Bob since i love the fatties.
  14. BigPuppy_Stuart

    Funniest thing you've ever done IRL?

    Some Asian girl with a dog was wandering obviously looking for something. I went up to her and said " Excuse me miss, but is there a reason your dog is naked? " she stared at me for a moment and burst out laughing. after talking to her a bit i helped her find North hall which is what she was...
  15. BigPuppy_Stuart


    Know this. it is fun.