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  1. binjiarts

    Binjiarts's Adopts and YCHs

    selling this p!atd inspired dog for $20!!
  2. binjiarts

    (CLOSED) Reference Sheet for Bird Sona

    i can do a colored fullbody sketch for $15 to get the design and such down, and a front/back ref sheet for $30! i can also stream while i work so you can have live input! here's a design someone commissioned from me
  3. binjiarts

    Fursona Creation Help

    i can do a colored fullbody sketch for you for $15! ref sheets are $30 for a front/back view if you want one! here are all my prices
  4. binjiarts

    Binjiarts's Adopts and YCHs

    New auction up! A cute deer boy -
  5. binjiarts

    [LF] Sketch of dinosona [O] 13 USD

    if you're still looking, my halfbody colored sketches are $12! i dont have many dinosaur examples, but here's a raptor icon i did and a halfbody sketch commission
  6. binjiarts

    PunK Bunnie Reference Sheet

    hi, if you're still looking my reference sheets are $30 for a front and back view!