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  • Cool, cool :3
    I'm working on a tiger anthro right now. I just got done with the sketching, going to go over it in ink pen now
    Eh, I guess the best way to explain the difference is to just show pictures
    Here's an example of feral:http://fav.me/d58xgq5
    Here's the same character in anthro form: http://fav.me/d58xgq5
    Feral just looks like a regular fox, while anthro is more human-like. Hell, "anthro" means "human" :P
    I guess I didn't explain that well enough in the last post. "Anthros" are human-like animals (like the ones on my FA page) I'd say they're the most common kind of depiction around FA.
    "Feral" furries are basically just animals, usually customized in some sort of way to match a fursona.
    You can have both forms for the same fursona... hopefully that wasn't confusing
    Cute! :3
    Uh, I'm not sure how to go about answering that question. I guess if you're going for a recolor you should pick a color that is meaningful to your fursona's personality, or your own personality. Or you could pick a color that you just think looks good xD
    For example, my fursona is a black ice dragon (hence the name "Black Ice") I chose black because I think black dragons are the coolest kind. Plus, her personality can be a bit cold, and where I'm from is pretty cold, so that was the motivation behind her being an ice dragon.
    You also should think about whether or not you want your fursona to be anthropomorphic or "feral" (regular animal) Of course, you can always have both forms for the same fursona.
    Hell yeah XD my 64 has lasted longer than some people's newer consoles. I'm just recently getting back into console gaming though. I played MMORPG's through middle and high school. I've recently discovered (and have gotten hopelessly addicted to) Skyrim for the PC.
    Sounds good. I really have a special love for lynxes. It must be the little tassels on their ears
    Parkour? Never heard of it. I just did a quick search of it and I think I know what you're talking about. That's really cool! Seems like a fun way to be active (I'm not very active myself D: )
    No problem! Just think about what you want your fursona to look like and let me know when you get an idea in mind :3
    It sounds like we have a few similar interests there. I love to read as well, especially fantasy novels and such. Right now I'm working on reading Game of Thrones but each book is ridiculously long so its taking a while. And I love gaming! I'm going to bring my Nintendo 64 to uni when I go back after winter break and I'm going to bring some fun Wii and Gamecube games to share with my friends ^^
    Oh noes D:
    I need to learn to knit or crochet because I love hats and scarves and things :3
    What other kinds of "random stuff" do you like to do?
    Also, when you make your profile be sure to shoot me a message ~ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/black.ice/
    I'm making free art in order to practice and promote my work on the site. I'd be glad to help you design your fursona if you want
    I write and draw as well! ^^ though I think I'm at least not-too-shabby in those departments. Have you made a profile on the main site yet?
    I wish I knew how to sew and knit :(
    Yes, I saw. After reading your profile too it seemed like the perfect choice
    I'm pretty new to this as well. I'm still not sure if I'm "furry" yet, but a lot of people on this site seem really nice. So even if it turns out that I'm not, I'd still like to stick around. I guess I'm just "fur-curious" :p
    I chose a dragon for myself because for the last few years or so I've had a great fascination with them.
    Heya. Don't mind me, just creeping on your profile :U
    I noticed that you're a loner. I was too at your age.
    If you like cats and are a loner I'd say a Lynx is a pretty good choice for your fursona ^^
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