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  1. BipolarWolfy

    Free Art: sketch requests!! :) (in exchange for a watch ;3)

    Watched You can choose between me and my girl www.furaffinity.net: Rune Reference Sheet 2018 by Bipolarwolfy www.furaffinity.net: Shelley Reference Sheet 2019 by Bipolarwolfy
  2. BipolarWolfy


    I can maybe help. My prices range between $30-$40
  3. BipolarWolfy

    I art

    I art
  4. BipolarWolfy

    $40 Shaded Feline YCH

    Shaded Style has improved since last priced. Shaded Example is included Finished Example
  5. BipolarWolfy

    I have noted u on both accounts :3

    I have noted u on both accounts :3
  6. BipolarWolfy

    Ych Commissions Starting at $10

    I will start off with selling one YCH headshot. i do have more if you are interested! Please stick to it being a canine. $10 Flatcolor EX: $25 Shaded +$5 Name Added YCH OPEN!
  7. BipolarWolfy

    Looking to commission a badge

    Hello. I might be able to do u a flatocolor headshot with a name for $15
  8. BipolarWolfy

    Adoptable Auction

    Adopt Auction Found here: www.furaffinity.net: TigerShark Adopt [Auction Open] by Bipolarwolfy Starting Bid is $30
  9. BipolarWolfy

    very quick requests [CLOSED]

    Oh man thank u so much yo! XD <3 Ur fucking awesome
  10. BipolarWolfy

    very quick requests [CLOSED]

    Im sorry about ur art block yo If u need to u can draw my gf bipolarwolfy.deviantart.com: Neko Ref Sheet 2014 Shes a normal cat If u want a challenge u can try to draw her kinda insane or gore like But normal is fine up to I wish u luck!
  11. BipolarWolfy

    Looking for artist to draw fursona!

  12. BipolarWolfy

    All Commission $5

    Ill take two icons
  13. BipolarWolfy

    Looking for Artwork from 5-10 dollars OR~~

    http://bipolarwolfy.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-Price-List-Points-Paypal-and-Mail-In-452616343 I have a DA and FA I do NSFW And clean stuff ;w;