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    Crow Mask Blanks?

    I'm thinking of making a head of my Kenku (crow-people) D&D character, and was planning to use a resin blank. I know Crystumes had crow and raven blanks, but I don't think they're selling them anymore. Has anyone modified a dreamvision small or large predator bird head to be more like a crows...
  2. BirdSchool

    [Closed] Looking for a D&D Character Design (Kenku Warlock, $20-30 Budget)

    Edit: Thanks for all the responses! I've narrowed it down to 2-3 artists that I'm considering! All of your work is amazing though! Edit 2: I've reached out to the artist I'll be working with. I'll definitely be keeping some of you in mind if I decide to get more art of her down the line! Hi...
  3. BirdSchool

    Headshot sketches

    If you'd care to do an avian, here's Rune. www.furaffinity.net: Rune the Raven - Art by timid.felidae by BirdSchool All the work in this thread has been awesome btw! Even if you don't get to me, thanks!
  4. BirdSchool

    practising NSFW art - looking for volunteers

    If you're still looking for anyone to practice with I've got these guys. Rune (Anthro Raven, Pink Genitals) www.furaffinity.net: Rune the Raven - Art by timid.felidae by BirdSchool Kaiden (Feral Dragon, Light Blue Genitals) www.furaffinity.net: Kaiden, the Exiled Skywise (Art by Madeleine) by...
  5. BirdSchool

    How did you create your fursona name

    Kaiden is just an old D&D character of mine, and while he's changed a few times the name has stuck. Rune the Raven is my newer and main sona. It took me a while to come up with the name so it has an appropriately long story to match it. He came about after I finished reading Terry Pratchet's...
  6. BirdSchool

    has anyone here heard of blazblue?

    I used to play a ton of BlazBlue. Was my favorite fighter until Persona 4 Arena (also Arc Sys). Just picked up CP:Extend on the steam sale.
  7. BirdSchool

    [Closed] Seeking artist for anthro raven design ($20-30)

    Hello! I'm looking to get some first art done of my raven sona Rune. My budget is unfortunately rather small right now, around $20-30. Since I know most won't draw a front and back reference for that cheap, I'm hoping to just get a simple full-body front or 3/4 view of him. He's pretty...
  8. BirdSchool

    (CLOSED) Newbie wanting to get some dragon art.

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to help me get my frost dragon on paper (or screen). My budget is around $30 give or take. I'm looking for a reference; it doesn't necessarily need to be a typical front and back if that's not something you'd do for $30, just some simple full body, colored art...