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Black Ice
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  • I know what Anthro means... It's late here in the UK and I got confused....
    Anywho, I definitely think I'll go with the "Anthro" and maybe if I get that done I'll also have a feral form;)
    anway, I'm going to catch some zzs now.
    I think I'm going to have mine as Anthro:)
    maybe keep a slight "feral" look to him, he is a lynx after all;)
    First off, what is the difference between "feral" and "anthropomorphic?
    basically how natural they look?
    Our cats have much smaller versions of those :3
    Unfortunately I'm in a mac only house which means gaming is a complication :/
    Also, what is a good way to design a fursona?
    Oh my god! It's soo nice to meet a proper gamer! XD Nintendo 64, damn part of my childhood that;)
    And yeah, I'll try and design my guy;)
    He should just basically be a normalish Lynx with a long tail and slightly re-coloured.
    Help with design would be a god send! :D The only ever fursona I've had was when my mother drew me as a wolf when I was ten;)
    random stuff? I do a lot of parkour, used to do Anglo-Saxon re-enactment up till recently (means I still have the hand sown kit, weapons and chain mail), write, read a lot, I'm a gamer, I also like long walks, astronomy and I was diagnosed with nocturnalism as well as some other stuff....
    thats pretty much me I guess, can't think of anything else at the moment;)
    Well, if you ever need a hand in random stuff I'm your man! :D
    i sew, write, draw (baaaaadly) and do a ton of other random guff;)
    Ha! I don't mind;)
    And yeah, I just chose a Lynx a few mind ago:)
    Any tips for a newbie? I'm new to the community/fan base of being a furry, I'm not new to being a furry I guess?...
    ever since I was very little I've been a "furry" xD
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