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Black Ice

WARNING: Ridiculously long info ahead

Name: Call me Mel!
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5'3"
Weight:Its impolite to ask a lady that >>

Appearance: (see Profile ID for self pic)
- Hair and fur: Auburn
- Markings: Uh, freckles here and there? o_O
- Eye color: Blue
- Other features: Well, I've been told I have a nice butt ^^;
Behavior and Personality: I'm a Cancer, so a lot of this will probably sound contradictory. I tend to be shy around strangers and strange situations, but when I'm comfortable with my surroundings I am very outgoing. My default setting is "friendly and helpful". However, when provoked in some way (or just around people with low IQ's) "sarcasm" mode is activated. And I prefer to leave it a mystery as to when I'm being sarcastic.
My usual activities include drawing, writing, reading, gaming, hanging with friends, or spending time with my boyfriend :3

Skills: drawing, writing, video games <--- DEBATABLE
Weaknesses: frustration, worrying too much

Likes: Tasty food, ANYTHING SOFT, being warm, cute clothes
Dislikes: Most women, lethargy, food that has weird textures

History: is a subject that I really like :3 Honestly, I'm writing enough. Nobody wants to hear my life's story.

Clothing/Personal Style: Skinny jeans and Chucks are my uniform. :U I really love sweaters and anything that accents my rear.
Picture: Profile ID

Goal: Right now my only goal is to become a better artist
Profession: None at the moment. Just have a low-paying job as a desk receptionist
Personal quote: I have no idea. I guess I'll update this when I figure one out
Theme song: "Amber" by 311
Birthdate: July 8
Star sign: Cancer

Favorite food: Anything with chili on it, or just chili
Favorite drink: Orange soda
Favorite location: If its winter, INDOORS. If its summer, anywhere near water
Favorite weather: Sunny and warm, but not too hot
Favorite color: Blue

Least liked food: Orange Chicken, YUCK
Least liked drink: Seltzer water
Least liked location: A cold vehicle
Least liked weather: COLD

Favorite person: My boyfriend
Least liked person: My sister's ex
Friends: All of them :U
Relations: My family... duh
Enemies: None
Significant other: Boyfriend
Orientation: Heterosexual, but a little bi-curious

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Frost Dragon
Desk Receptionist, Free-lance artist




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