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Blackberry Polecat

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  • Thank you! You seem awesome as well, but then that's a given.

    I want to go to cons eventually, but I'd love to have a fursuit before then, and I know I don't have the commitment to a project to get that done any time soon =D
    Have you bought the Beartato books?
    It's essentially just a collection of the webcomic (up to a certain point) with some redrawn and recolored comics but it does have extra content. And boy it is worth it ;__;
    You are SO right!
    Nedroid is the best damn webcomic ever, I just wish he would update it more often :c
    Wow, thankies. With food I must agree. Taste is only a part, as it's mostly the way it's made. Less machines and flavour enchancers, more manual work and natural ingredients. Sometimes not being that developed isn't that bad. Cheers!
    Blackberry Polecat would be best name. The rumours tell if you make a pass at Corto, Xaerun will appear to defend his lady's honour (then maybe change your username).
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