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  1. BlackmoonWitch

    Cute thread

    My cat Elia
  2. BlackmoonWitch

    Tell me about your pet(s)!

    Gosh I love greyhounds! I wish I had one ;-; I have 3 cats, 2 girls named Lily (the fat one, and the oldest) and Elia, and a male, named Engo
  3. BlackmoonWitch

    Your fursona goes to a cafe...

    Hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin
  4. BlackmoonWitch

    Witchery, the Craft, and Furries

    I'm a Pagan Witch, I follow the Irish celtic and the Germanic pantheon I'm an eclectic witch but I can consider myself mainly green and crystal witch
  5. BlackmoonWitch

    Hello there

    Of course, go ahead! :3
  6. BlackmoonWitch

    Hello there

    Thank you Renyard! My favorite fruit is rasperry ^^
  7. BlackmoonWitch

    Cat furries unite

    My fursona is a black cat!
  8. BlackmoonWitch

    Hello there

    Thanks ! And cool, I'm always looking for books to read, I'll check out this one! :p
  9. BlackmoonWitch

    Fursona Diet

    Close to mine, omnivore, but still a bit more of meat an animal products
  10. BlackmoonWitch

    Hello there

    Hello ! I'm Blackmoon, I'm 21. I live in France and I'm new in the furry fandom! My fursona is a black cat I like animals, nature, plants, crystals, art. I love cute and fluffy stuff, but also dark and creepy things. My favorite animals are foxes, deers and wolves. Also I'm a pagan witch :3...