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    So is it possible to tell if someone's a furry?

    I had a similar situation myself, had someone (among others) that I was very sure was a furry that I went to high school with. Although I didn't actually question anyone until after graduation, so some people are now in the "could have been" category. Anyway, this may not work for you, but this...
  2. BlackRat

    Are there Furry Celebrities Out there?

    There's probably alot of celebrities that would identify themselves as furry, but doesn't mean that they're about to make a public announcement about it. The celebrities that are are probably the ones that put no emphasis on it, so go fairly unnoticed. I think it would be good to have a furry...
  3. BlackRat

    A question (NSFW)

    No I would not, and I sincerelly doubt I would in Attaman's scenario. But to be fair, it hasn't happened so I couldn't possibly know for sure.
  4. BlackRat

    How many people actually know your a furry (Aiming 13-19 years of age) Place to Vent.

    Re: How many people actually know your a furry (Aiming 13-19 years of age) Place to V Well most of my friends have a very limited, and likelly negetive view of furries, and a few others are /b/tards, so don't think I'll be telling them at any point (not that I'd deny it if they actually asked)...
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    I am curious

    From what I've seen, not much. More than anything, it's the uninformed or biased stuff around, although IMO the more recent portrayals are more light hearted (for example, in Back to You).
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    I am curious

    Heh, sounds like he's just trying to avoid being contradicted IMO. Thanks for actually doing research before passing judgement. Brightens my day when people do that.
  7. BlackRat

    I am curious

    I recall seeing at least 3 different percentages showing up in surveys, varrying greatly from less than 5% to...well the 17.1% is highest so far I've seen. I don't know if it's just people's different standards, different levels of honousty, just chance or what. While it doesn't seem right to...
  8. BlackRat

    A bit of an odd question...

    I haven't done anything like that, and don't plan to. Just seems damaging IMO. Also, that guy scares me...but good for him, doing what he aspired to without being concerned with public opinion.
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    Does anyone have claws?

    I used to have them filed for months at a time last year and the year before, but not now...all the people telling me to cut them or freaked out by them finally put me off. I miss it a little though, my nails are very strong so having them sharp is alot more practicle for me. Also it makes for a...
  10. BlackRat

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    I very rarelly have furry dreams, but I did have one recently...Last Friday night I believe, following another enjoyable dream featuring a recurring character that I guess some people could consider furry (Just FYI, a slice of white chocolate mudcake before sleeping both nights, then I ran out...
  11. BlackRat

    Do you have a deep relationship with your animals?

    I would say there's a definate connection. Our dog's often...insane and non-responsive to most people, but seems to naturally understand what I say. I can usually read the body language well too, it's been like that with most animals for all my life.
  12. BlackRat

    Weight?chool requires

    I THINK I'm 5'5"-6'...been a while since I checked and I can't clearly remember the last measurement. When I checked last month I weighed 54kg (no clue what that is in your crazy non-metric system), which is underweight.
  13. BlackRat

    how do i tell my parents i'm furry?

    That's how I see it. Basically the same as other groups, just a different topic. About telling your parents...probably not a great idea unless it's actually stopping you from doing things. Not really speaking from experience though, my parents are generally acceptant but are bloody inconsistant...
  14. BlackRat

    Any teenage furries?

    'Tis true, the majority or people I've seen on here are under 20, or so they say. Very close to 18, but here that really doesn't do much for me.
  15. BlackRat

    Is anyone jealous of other FA artists?

    I admit I get fairly envious of other people's artistic skills, being obviously better than me. Of cause this sometimes means I can pick out something they're doing right that I can learn from. Kind of motivates me to keep drawing to get better and to stop drawing because I'm outmatched at the...