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    Upgrade? or build new?

    Being an Intel fan I suggest the latter... but you can save a mint by stepping down to a dual core (an E8500), especially since I don't think DiRT is one of those few games that can use all four cores. If you step down the mobo a bit and get DDR2 RAM (DDR3 is still too expensive, especially for...
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    What browser do you use?

    Firefox - customisable, functional and pretty resource friendly. Also bombs out on me considerably less than IE (5, 6 OR 7) ever did.
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    Hellgate London shutting down

    ANY WHO DARE TO TREAD UPON BLIZZARD'S TERRITORY SHALL SUFFER AN IGNOMINOUS FATE, EVEN FORMER BLIZZARD EMPLOYEES. As is proven by both Iron Lore and FSS :P *Radiates fanboyism for a bit, marred only slightly by WoW hatred* Although TQ was fun once most of the bugs had been patched out. As you...
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    Shareing keyboard between two computers

    There are quite a few switchers around that let you do that - plug the keyboard, mouse and monitors into it and then from it to the PCs (you can get combined PS2/VGA cables, probably USB ones too if you don't want to use adapters). Push a button and boom, other screen :P Don't rele know what...
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    Had to deal with Antivirus XP at work because some idiots in management think that all e-mail links are safe. HA. And Avast... no. Just no. Norton is bad, but nothing compared to Avast... had like 30 viruses on my PC once not detected by it. I was idiotic enough to actually dl a crack and use...
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    Easiest bosses ever.

    The countess (or whatever her name is) in Act 1 of Diablo II. Like 3-4 hits and she's down. Alin warship thing in Crysis (the "final boss"). Duck, shoot, duck, shoot...
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    soul calibur 4!!!

    Yip. Mitsurugi is awesome.
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    After going through some of the art books I've gone through furry doesn't seem particularly weird any more :P Mythopoeikon (Patrick Woodroffe) anyone? :P
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    Narcotics and the Furry Fandom

    Only drugs I rely on are nicotine and caffeine... sure I've smoked an occasional joint (dagga - marijuana to be more specific) but I never even think about it unless offered. However, I get caffeine withdrawal after half a day :P Strangely enough, no nicotine withdrawal issues if I need to skip...
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    My buddy calls me over today and tells me to look at this e-mail he got sent labelled "Weird shit" I take a look - and am surprised to see furry pics attached to the documents. He says, "These people are weird, eh?" and I, being the coward I am, just say, "Ja... weird..." This sort of thing...
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    Rom gaming

    Nintendo... Fire Emblem to be specific. Love that game :P
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    Any good program for recording stuff in your desktop?

    I suppose I can't really comment there... I upgraded my entire PC when I went from my old IDE HDD to my current SATA drives... not to mention the IDE drive I had was a 5400RPM drive at least two years past it's warranty... But from a subjective point of view, SATA does work better for me...
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    Any good program for recording stuff in your desktop?

    FRAPS works great for me, although the sound is a bit buggy. Are you running an IDE HDD and/or a single core processor? That will mean FRAPS will lag quite a bit more. I usually assign one core to FRAPS and one to the game for minimal interference (I also record to a seperate HDD) If for...
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    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    Don't have the necessary money to write even the CCENT exams. I'm currently nothing more than a technician just leaving the home, after all. Got all I can manage with the bare essentials (rent, electricity and internet. Food is unnecessary when you have coffee :P ) Thanks for the heads up...
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    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    I'm actually quite interested in network stuff, though I don't know how to do much more than change IPs, put a PC on a domain and some really basic account admin. Asking me to do anything major with the servers or anything at all with telnet would probably be a bad idea... I'll probably do what...