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  • It's now September and still no refund or story. Seriously doubting I will ever see either. Makes you think twice about commissioning this person, huh?
    1.) You'll be refunded within the next 1-2 weeks.

    2.) I never asked you pay me upfront. You didn't even tell me you were doing it, it was just there one day. Hell if I hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have known it was you who sent that money >.>

    3.) I don't blame you for being upset, and I'm sorry that you got mixed up with me being in a bad spot. I've just now started to get all my shit together. I have 3 commissions in progress and I'm gonna be refunding you when they're wrapped up.
    Just warning other posters about this "writer"--there's no guarantee you'll get anything for what you pay for. I Paypal'ed him $50 upfront back in April to write me a 5,000 word story due at the end of June. Generous, wasn't I?

    Well, he sure wasn't because here it is almost the end of August and still no story. He basically stole $50 from me that I sent him upfront because I thought he was a friend and I wanted to help him out. Don't be stupid like I was and trust this person. You've been warned!!
    I plan to. Too bad I'm having trouble hashing out the rough draft for some reason >.>

    I never get writer's block...I must be cause I'm nervous about getting paid >.<
    I decided on about 1c per word, but since he wants me for long term writing ( the story he commissioned is going to be a series ) It'll be 1c per word, but 25% discount cause I'm nice. He'll be paying roughly 75$ per installment as each installment will be in the area of 10,000 words xD
    Well, if I remember correctly what I once heard, industry standard for Write-to-Print is anywhere from 5-10c a word. Taking into account that this is your first Commission and not going to make the Commissioner any $ - and having no clue if it is porn-ish - I'd suggest starting at 1c per 1-5 words. We're talking about $50+ here. Do you have the 'nerve' to ask for that much? I sure wouldn't. But that is just because I'm a wuss and don't put any value on my personal time...
    Personally, I always prefer to shortchange myself. My boss doesn't know I didn't charge him for about $1k worth of work last year...

    Unfair to who? You think he'll pay anything you ask? I doubt that. Heck, talk it over with him/her. Agree on a price that you can live with and he won't complain about, and just mention that if s/he absolutely adores the Story, then a Bonus would be appreciated. Most peeps don't bite, y'know?
    RE: Pricing Writing Commissions

    Find out how much they are willing to pay for the whole thing, assuming a minimum of pages in total length. They'll either lie to you or give you the truth. Either way, you have to take a whack at how many hours you expect it will suck up and decide if it is worth your time. I trust you won't forget to factor in Fun, and how this will help to start you out in a direction professionally?
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